What would you do with $1 MILLION?

If you have been on campus for the past month, you probably know what the Opus Prize is.

For those who live under a rock, The Opus Prize is a faith-based humanitarian award that recognizes heroes who are combating the world’s social problems.

This Thursday is the Opus Prize award ceremony where $1 million will be awarded to two humanitarian entrepreneurs!

In light of this award lets talk about what you can do with $1 million:

  • For you coffee drinkers, you could buy 1,000 kilograms of the most expensive coffee in the world made from poop from a weasel-like animal called the Asian palm civet. One kilogram of Kopi Luwak coffee costs a cool $1,000!


  • You could buy a trip to space for you and three friends in the Virgin Galactic. Just hope it won’t be a remake of the movie Gravity. Think of it as another fun weekend outing for you and your friends in stead of going to the movies again.


  • You could buy Lululemon yoga pants for 10,000 basics.


  • Want to own Jay Z’s hot ride? You would still be short $7 million after forking up your $1 million for his Maybach Exelero. But I guess when you’re the Forbes’ list every year, you can afford to spend $8 million on a car.


  • Charting a mega-yacht with six guest cabins that includes a pair of two-person Yamaha Jet skis, 6-person hot tub equipped with a movie screen, and much more elite accommodations will get you two weeks of high class vacation with $1 million.


  • According to the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity that protects threatened habitats, with $1 million you could buy 40 million acres in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico to help stop rainforest deforestation.


  • Thinking of buying some property sometime soon? In Seattle you can get a 3,472-foot home for $1 million, while in Detroit you can buy an 83,333-foot mansion for $1 million. Housing man…

810 b DSC_1938

  • A million bucks for a perfume? SURE! DKNY has come out with an golden egg-shaped perfume for an easy $1 million!


  • Ok NorthWesterners, for $1 million you could buy Patagonia down vests for 4,000 hipsters. Think about all the Instagrams you would be inspiring!


  • Or, you could donate $500,000 to two faith-based humanitarians like the Opus Prize. 



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