The Rise of MUNS (Man Buns) on Campus

Throughout history, hairstyles have been cut and styled to reflect expressions and culture during respective time periods. From the Farrah Fawcett retro hair of the ‘70’s that our moms (and possibly dads) may have sported… tv-best-haircuts-farrah-fawcett-290x400 …to the big hair-bands and mullets of the 80’s… 80s mullet …to the frosted tips of the 90’s that made us fall even more in love with Nsync (if that is humanly possible) and of course, the “fresh prince”. Billboard Awards '98frostedtipsThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air So when the new phenomenon of hairstyle arrived on campus—emerging furtively at times but nonetheless magically—we couldn’t help but take note. What is the hairstyle, you ask? The Mun. The Man Bun. The Honey Bun. The Sumo Man. Call it what you want. Maybe the allure is in the mystery of the long locks, or perhaps it is the notion of redefining gender stereotypes. Maybe it’s the sheer lack of caring, or the virtue of patience one must possess in order to attain the man bun. Whatever it is, we looked high, low, far and wide around campus; here are just a few of the mun’s we found, and some thoughts from the mun community:

Some of them just go with the flow…

Evan Conrad, Freshman: “When I was about five, my mother tried to give me a haircut and she cut part of my ear off. Ever since then, I do not like haircuts! (It grew back though…the ear).” 1 1a 1b   Some utilize the facial hair as a complement…

Hank Harper, Grad Student: What went into the making of your mun?: “Just time and love…it’s been like 18 months. I was ‘gonna donate, but [found out] it’s kind of shady.” 2 Hank 2a Hank Tucker Clarry, Junior: “I’ve just been growing it our for locks of love and this is just a way to do it during it’s awkward period. It’s been 14 months…probably like 3-4 more.” 3 tucker 3a tucker   Some look to the unicorn as inspiration for the front bun…

Ben Keenan, Senior: “I woke up like this. I woke up like this.” 4 Ben   Some take it religiously…

Eli Francovich, Senior: “It took a lot of waiting and patience. I had to push through the awkward stage which lasted around 9 months. I mean…it just kind of happened. But I guess I fit into the stereotypical yogi…” 5 Eli 5a Eli 5b EliAnd some even grow deeper in friendship…

Will Stephan, Sophomore: What’s the hardest part? “When you’re driving in the car with your window down…that’s definitely my least favorite thing. I can’t stand the little scragly’s that get in your face.” 6 6a Michael Orcutt, Sophomore (Will’s roomate): On the “sumo man bun” (half-up, half-down): Will: “It’s versatile in the sense that you still have a bun but you also get the long hair.” Michael: “You still get the lettuce in the back…it’s the best of both worlds.” 7 7a   There you have it, just a few of the many muns on campus.


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  1. I have the Farrah haircut and I am 20. So there 😛

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  2. Killin it Sarah.

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