October 31: Kindergarten v. College

Halloween when we were six was sweet.  There’s no getting around it.  You’d get to be someone else for a little bit and go house to house getting candy from strangers.  Now when I try to do that I get the cops called on me.  Growing up is tough for a lot of reasons, but the difference in Halloween from Kindergarten to college might be the worst.


In college, you wake up the morning of Halloween not sure if you should put on your $10 costume you picked up which shows way too much skin for an early morning philosophy class.  Begrudgingly, you decide not to risk it, put on normal clothes, and head out.  But then you get to class and about 1/3 of the people are, indeed, costumed.  They look confused too, and nobody’s sure what’s normal and what’s not.  In Kindergarten, you woke up an hour early so you could try on that bad boy one more time.  You painted your face carefully so you’d make the most realistic looking zombie in the class and excitedly run to school to show yourself off.


Once you get to class, nothing is different.  In fact, it’s probably a midterm.  Maybe the professor will hand out small pieces of candy, but don’t get your hopes up because their sense of childhood wonder has probably been dead for years.  The classroom operates like any other day, and you start thinking about how much more fun it would be if you wore that costume in the first place.  In Kindergarten, the day is pretty much chaos.  No learning will get done.  There’s obviously a parent chaperoned party complete with pumpkin shaped cookies, dry ice punch, and orange cupcakes.  There may even be a costume contest for the class, and there’s undoubtedly going to be a class picture.  You essentially woke up to eat sugar and show off.



Well, classes are over for now.  Time to have some fun!  You slide on your absurdly tight costume, dressing like the most unsanitary nurse to ever set foot in a hospital, and head out to a friend’s Halloween party.  Except, oh yeah, it’s 40 DEGREES OUT.  Everyone, guys and girls, are freezing their buns off getting to and from various social events, which are far too crowded to have a proper conversation, and you begin to wonder why you came.  In Kindergarten, this was it.  The Super Bowl of fall.  Excitedly, you dragged your unenthused parents out the door to go trick-or-treating until you tuckered yourself out.  You would eagerly bang on a door and pray for a full sized Snickers bar, then stuff your sweet prize into your old pillowcase.  After you finished, you’d go home, eat half your bag, and fall asleep with a sticky smile on your face.


So this weekend, try to find the happy medium.  Stay safe and have fun, y’all!


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