The 5 Types of College Election Voters

Every two years marks an important date in exercising We the People’s democratic right to vote: Election Day. This year, midterm elections took place where all Representatives, one-third of Senators (who serve staggered six-year terms), and many state and local government offices were up for election. In addition, many state ballot measures were put to the voting polls. As college students, some of us may have strong political opinions and assume active rolls in voting with pride, while some of us may want as much to do with the political agenda as we have to do with papers due midnight on a Friday. When Election Day crept up this November, here were the five types of college voters that emerged…

1. The YOLO voter

Either you registered late or you’re just not sure about who the heck Jim Lafroofroo is or what ballot 9876 stands for. But dang it, you want to use your freedom and you’re so excited that you’re finally of voting age. So you may have resorted to the Google for some preliminary research and when you’re finally done, you feel like you just aced a multiple choice test. Nailed it.


2. The Unregistered

Or maybe you are? Did you register last year already when that person parked out on the downtown corner stopped you? Ok, you think you did…but do you qualify as a Spokane resident, or can you only vote in your home state, and why haven’t they sent you a ballot yet?! Or you may simply never have registered because you didn’t know how or where, and although you may have some strong opinions about certain measures, you decide to put your faith in your fellow peers and citizens to make the right decision. Or there’s always the chance that you completely just forgot (until you see a Facebook status the night before and frantically attempt to register). You’re also not alone: according to,

“Well over a quarter of college students reported in 2010 that they did not register to vote because they did not know where or how to register or they missed the deadline.”

Good thing there’s always next year….er, next, next year.


It wasn’t me. No really, it wasn’t…. 

3. The Half-Wayer

So you registered a month in advance and you’re feeling great. Oh wait, elections happened?! And revert back to number two statistic.


So close. Yet not quite…

4. The Parental Band-Waggoner

We all have that one friend who has clearly been strongly swayed by their parents’ beliefs. In this case, you may even consult your parents over the phone to help guide you through the confusing and scary ballot. You may also simultaneously be brainwashed by them. At least you can justify yourself if they are still supporting you in your college expenses…

tumblr_m2t03dxA1K1r5wpaw 5. The Knowledgeable

Everyone involved in a political club and Gonzaga student body will fall into this category. There is also a good portion of our student population who consider themselves politically active. The few Facebook statuses that update the rest of us about what actually happened also most likely come from you. Thank you.


Never-the-less, no matter what type of voter you were in this past election, it’s never too late to REGISTER and VOTE!!!


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