What GU Students Say When the Weather Changes

It’s early November. Which means that the good weather is essentially gone, and it’s not coming back. This is crappy for a lot of reasons, but no matter what year you are or where you are on campus, you’ll hear the same things over and over.


“Haha! Bet the Cali kids hate this!”

Those poor Californians. Just like Seattleites always get flack about how it’s always raining, people talk about California like they’ve never even heard of water before. It’s not like they came up expecting it to be 80 and sunny all the time. I’m sure they were well prepared for the fickle mistress that is Spokane winters. But even if they do hate it, you can’t really blame them. Everyone hates it.


“I should have worn a hood”

As the weather transitions from insane dry heat to dreary rain, we tend to refuse to acknowledge that the weather is getting terrible. We look outside and see grey but don’t think it’ll rain. After all, summer was only 2 months ago right? No way it’s going to rain. But lo and behold, you’re halfway to class and all of the sudden it dumps and you show up to class looking like you showered with your clothes on.


“I love the snow” followed 3 days later by “I’m sick of the snow”

(See?  There’s a double pun in this GIF!) Magical frozen water falls onto the Earth, creating a dreamlike setting for our studies. Campus looks prettier, you get to finally get to wear the puffy jacket you bought in August, and you feel like you’re living in a Christmas card. Until reality sets in. Nothing’s worse than trudging from Ermina to campus in slushy, dirty half-water. By the time you get to class your pants are wet, you’ve slipped 3 times, and the illusion is shattered.


“Ah jeez, I think I’m getting sick”

I’m not sure if it’s the constant interaction in close quarters with outer germy kids or the change in weather, but now’s the time when everyone starts getting sick. The lowered temperatures definitely don’t help, but once one person gets sick, the dorm will be sick in days. So many things are shared in college it’s almost impossible to stay healthy when you’re with people that aren’t healthy.


Stay dry, stay warm, and embrace fall!


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