GU Fashion Spotlight: Kirby Davis

For this week’s edgy-classy (or in her own sarcastic words, “comfy chic”) fashion spotlight, trying out new things has always been intriguing…but it wasn’t until studying abroad for a year in London that she was able to be comfortable in constantly pushing herself outside her comfort zone. She unconventionally despises shopping and if given the choice, would turn to thrifting her friends old clothes or online shopping. She swears by her unique coats, layers, and the color black…and thinks it’s important that we look into tights more on campus. Check out Kirby Davis, Palm Desert native, her tips on dressing for the cold, thoughts on tight-wearing-cats, and why she basically lived for four months without a coat.


SO: Can you describe your usual everyday style/look? How would your friends describe your style?

KD: It’s all over the place, just whatever I can spend the least amount of money on and still look cool. And comfy. Comfy is important. I’ve never been forced to pin it down…Comfy chic.

SO: What is the most used article of clothing in your closet?

KD: Ohh…I’m probably wearing most of them right now, actually! This coat, I’m obsessed with it. I got it when I was in London and I wear it all the time. These boots I got two years ago and I wear them for every occasion because they can be dressed up and dressed down, so I like that. They’re comfy. I wear this shirt a lot too. Layers. I have certain layers that I wear all the time.

SO: Walk me through the outfit you are wearing now.

KD: Button up shirt: This shirt I got at a thrift shop in London. You get a plastic bag and pay 10 pounds (but actually, student discount so I paid 9 pounds!) and you buy as much as you can fit in the bag. I got this ‘cause my friend picked it out, but it didn’t fit him so he gave it to me.

just the buttons

Shirt: This was actually my flatmate’s, but he washed it and shrunk it in the drier and so he gave it to me. It’s a tank top. He got it India or something so that’s cool…

Jacket: This is from Zara, I got it on sale and it was the proudest moment in my life. Ok it wasn’t the proudest moment of my life but I was really excited. In London, all I had until then [for a coat] was a NorthFace, but you can’t wear a NorthFace around London casually. It wasn’t ironic enough yet to wear a NorthFace in London…so I lived four months of my life essentially without a warm coat. I mean, I wore sweaters and nicer pullovers but just…no coat.

Jeans: My jeans are from American Eagle; I buy all of my jeans from AE ‘cause they come in extra long. They sell really good pants for tall people (but you have to order them online).

Socks: My socks are from Costco. That’s important ‘cause they have the best wool socks.

Chelsea Boots: My boots are from ASOS.


Accessories: And then my jewelry is either my mom’s or mine, and I’m wearing my grandma’s watch.


SO: How was your style influenced from your time studying in London?

KD: I always had a definite style I think, but London really solidified it. Being from Southern California and moving to Washington, I was in this weird fashion limbo, “Do I wear vests and Uggs all the time?…All I have is summer clothes?” I think moving to London solidified my confidence in what I’m wearing. I would always want to try things but I wouldn’t have the guts. But now I just put on whatever I want and hope for the best…and it’s worked out so far!

In London, you can’t put something on without being intentional about it. Like you can’t just wear leggings to class or throw on a sweatshirt unless it’s like a cool, vintage sweatshirt. All of my friends from England—they all have really, really cool style and they all have these signature pieces that they wore all the time, like a jacket or a pair of boots so that was cool and I’ve kind of adopted that. And London is seen as very high fashion but I think people there take a lot of pride in the things they get for a less amount of money. The less money you can get things for, the better!

SO: Were you completely overwhelmed by the shopping in London?

KD: I actually despise shopping, especially in London…it stresses me out and I can never find anything! When I was in desperate need of a coat, I went to Oxford Street, the biggest street on London (shopping wise), and wouldn’t let myself leave until I found one. It was a big deal. I did learn how to thrift shop there, and pick out things that I wouldn’t normally see or typically overlook…there are a lot of vintage shops that are really good!

SO: Do you think moving back to the Northwest after a year in London helped you realize the prevailing fashion sense here?

KD: I think moving back here, it’s just been more of an effort to force myself to keep dressing the way I want to dress. It’s so easy to fall back into just wearing workout clothes all the time. But you can still be warm and cute. I think the NW has a cool sense of style; I think there are people doing cool things with it. But we’re busy and tired and sometimes it’s not the easiest to put on something cool. For me, it will make my day a little better if I feel good with what I’m wearing.


SO: What clothing stores/boutiques/brands would your dream mall contain?

KD: My dream mall? Um, ok, really organized thrift shops and vintage stores. They have to be organized—not stuff all over the floor ‘cause that was the worst. There were a couple (in London) that were really organized and I was even willing to pay more money because of that. And a store that is only the Anthropologie sale rack . I don’t care about the rest of Anthro’, I just want the sale rack. Like Nordstrom rack, except Anthro’. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought clothes…before I went back to school, I went through my mom’s closet. I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping; I don’t really shop in stores anymore. I just take clothes from people who are giving away old clothes and then I do something with them. I thrift shop in my friends closets!


SO: What are your favorite online clothing retailers?

KD: ASOS because it’s free shipping/free returns—and nothing ever fits me the first time around. I buy all of my jeans from American Eagle online ‘cause they have a big selection and they come in long sizes. I mostly just do ASOS and that’s about it.

SO: What is your favorite childhood outfit?

KD: Oh, I was just talking about this with my friend…it’s not my favorite, but we were talking about middle school outfits. I’ve always been very, “I want to try new things with what I’m wearing,” and they used to not work out but I would do it anyway. One day I was feeling kind of edgy in middle school and I wore this black cotton skirt over my jeans. I’m from the desert, and I think it was maybe 80 degrees out…I just put on this skirt, and my mom was like, “Are you sure you want to wear that?” and I was like, “yeah I’m sure!” I started out strong but then I started to feel weird so I went to the bathroom and took off the skirt halfway through the school day! That sticks out in my mind as me wanting to try new things. And I used to wear t-shirts and chunky necklaces with brown converse. Everyone called them my “poop shoes.” It’s been a long journey to looking decent when I leave the house…

SO: Do you dress to test? Any tips on that?

KD: I’ve gone through phases with that. I think I do to an extent, but…I think right now I’m in a phase where I don’t.

SO: What is your go to color?

KD: Black. I wear black so much. Black, back, black, black! My roommates call me “emo Kirby” sometimes. I walk up the stairs and they’re like, “Kirby’s emo again!” It’s just so easy and it’s really flattering; it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it’s just always gonna’ look nice. And then you can put anything you want on top of it. Like a funky jacket.

SO: Birks or clogs?

KD: Birks. I invested in my first pair when I was in London and I fought it for a really long time, but they’re really great. Once you go Birk, you never go back. That’s not funny, but it’s true. I have a black pair and they’re perfect for everything.

SO: What or whom do you draw fashion inspiration from?

KD: My friends in London. And people on the street in London. I would just be on public transportation and just stare at people. Which you’re not really supposed to do, you’re not supposed to make that much eye contact. And then I’d go home and find a way to replicate it. I like doing that, looking at what people are wearing and replicating it with what I have in my own closet. Like, right now I’ve been wearing things that are four or five years old that I haven’t worn in a long time, and reinventing them. Also, I keep up with a couple fashion blogs. My one friend from London has a blog that I love to follow! Some fashion magazines, too. I really just look everywhere…I keep an eye out.

SO: What fashion magazines or blogs do you follow?

KD: I really like Nylon Magazine. They have it everywhere. It’s just a fashion and culture magazine. My friend’s blog that I follow is And I hate that I’m saying this, but Pinterest…Ah I hate that.

SO: What is your favorite student winter (not sure where Fall went…) style you are seeing on campus this semester? What trends will you be investing in this season?

KD: I’ve seen a lot of guys really stepping up their style, like since they’ve been back from Europe, the upperclassmen guys. They’re trying new things and I’m like, “alriiight!” Winter men’s clothing is really great. I love well-dressed men with a nice beard. For girls, I really like short boots. ‘Cause then you can wear cute socks and roll up your pants and style them however you want. I think tall boots are on their way out…all tall boots look the same!

SO: If you could choose any trend to come to Gonzaga, what would it be?

KD: I think what people should utilize here more are tights. One of my best friends in London, the whole time I was there, she never wore a pair of pants. I didn’t realize until right before I left! Everyone there just wears tights all the time, they’re really versatile cause you can wear them with skirts, you can put them under overalls, you can do whatever with them… I think people should look into that more. They’re really good for transitioning from Fall to Winter. And they make your legs look good! But not like weird patterned tights. There are some nasty tights out there. Choose your tights wisely.

SO: What are your thoughts on the emerging cat tights/socks trend??

KD: I don’t like cats so I don’t care what they do. But what animal did I see wearing socks the other day…it was really cute I think it was a squirrel. Maybe that’s the new trend, animals with socks.


SO: What is your advice to surviving the Gonzaga winter with style?

KD: Really funky jackets…I found this one palm tree jacket at Macy’s, it was so freaking cool. And I always wear leggings under my jeans. I don’t leave the house in the winter without leggings on underneath my jeans. That’s my secret tip. Always, always, always. You can take top layers off but the legs ‘gotta be warm…and my legs don’t have a lot of insulation.


SO: Will you be participating in No-Shave-November?!

KD: Hahah. As a spectator. As a very involved spectator.


Thanks for sitting down and talking with GU Style Spotlight, Kirby! If you are a fashionista on campus…trend-setter… trend-follower…anyone who takes a liking to what they put on when they wake up in the morning…or know of anyone who would be interested in talking fashion with us, we invite you to reach out to the GUBB staff and we would love to sit down with you!


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