The Types of Couples Around Campus

When it gets cold, the number of couples around campus seems to multiply by 40. Maybe they’ve all been hiding, like a reverse hibernation thing.   Maybe they need a way to warm up through another person. I have no idea. But they all fall into the same few subcategories, no matter who they are.


The Over PDA Couple

You know when you’re walking and you see that couple slobbering all over each other? It’s gross. The only logical reason should be that their S.O. tastes like pizza or something. Even if they’re not sucking face right at the base of the stairs, they need to be constantly holding hands or putting their fingers in the other one’s pockets or something. It’s actually scary to think of what would happen if they stopped touching because you’re so used to it.


The “Why Are They a Couple” Couple


This could happen for a number of reasons. The guy could be someone you never pegged to commit to someone. One of them could be 6’3 and the other 5’1. Maybe up until this moment you thought the girl was your girlfriend. There’s something that doesn’t sit quite right with everyone watching, and sometimes you can’t figure out what it is. Maybe they both could do better.


The Obviously New Couple

Like the PDA couple, these two will be touchy feely to an uncomfortable extent. But it’s different. Like anything new, these two crazy kids are just trying to figure out what’s supposed to happen next. They may be visibly awkward and uncomfortable in every interaction, but it’s a nervous movement every time. This could be the result of weeks or months of hard work, and they’ll most likely be absolutely blissful or painfully uncomfortable.


The Friends First

You can always tell when two romantically involved people were friends before they started romanticizing themselves. It’ll be more relaxed and they’ll feel comfortable talking to other people around them without gasp having to touch. In fact, if you didn’t know you may not even realize these two were a couple. Just good attractive friends that like hanging out together.


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