14 GU Mysteries of the Universe

Here are some pressing questions of the universe that any given Gonzaga student, alumni, professor, or community member who has set foot at Gonzaga may have…

1. Where are the Gonzaga Jesuits?


Unless you have a class or live in the dorm with one, when was the last time you saw a Jesuit walk on campus? Do they have magical apparition powers to travel across campus or is it because they don’t always wear their clerical collar?


2. When did Gonzaga YikYak become a thing?


How do these apps just magically make their way on campus over night…


3. What are the people of Crosby doing so furiously behind their phones and computers?


Changing the world one click at a time? Or online shopping??


4. When was the last time John Stockton smiled?


Nobody knows.


5. How many stray cats are in the Logan?


…And how long until they take over the universe?


6. How many minutes does it take until wet hair freezes?


Do I want to know?


7. How much of the lettuce in the BARC windows is actually used in meals?


If you’re surrounded by lettuce, it’s as good as eating it….right?


8. How much do Engineering students actually study?


Or is it all just an illusion…


9. Why Star Bar on Thursdays?


No but really…why.


10. What is Thayne doing? Right. Now.

obamaRefer to one of “Thayne’s” many social media accounts…


11. What is the actual Gonzaga proposal rate?

barneystinsonLast time the statistic was checked, it was about 99%. So panic now and reserve Saint Al’s for your ceremony and Bozarth for your reception. 


 12. Nurses.


And how they disappear for periods of time. Clinical rotations? Cohorts?? Care plans? Critical Thinking Tools?! They are a species of their own…


13. Why does the “sketchivator” in College Hall only go to the 3rd floor?


And does anyone else feel like they are taking a free ride on the Tower of Terror?


14. Can the squirrels on campus read our minds?!


The intense stare-offs would point to “yes.”




Have more mysteries of the Gonzaga Universe? Let us know and comment below!


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