4 Things You’re Guarenteed to Hear at Thanksgiving

The holidays are bittersweet for most people.  On one hand, you get to go home again and eat good food with your family.  On the other hand, you have to go home again and eat food with your family.  The immediate family usually isn’t too bad, but when you head to the big family dinner, things  get real.  Patience runs thin as you hear over and over the same few questions that you know they’re only asking to be polite.  Here’s a handful.

So, what year are you now?

You grit your teeth and it takes all of your will power not to give a sarcastic answer like “A year older than when I saw over summer, smart one”.  Then you remember these people are feeding you.  It’s pretty safe to assume the follow up will be something along the lines of “Already?! Jeez Louise, I remember your KINDGERGARTEN graduation!” or “Enjoy it while it lasts!”  The worst one though, is…

Oh,  you’re majoring in (blank)?  So what do you want to do when you graduate?

Well obviously I want to make a mountain of money and live on a yacht off the coast of Barbados, but I don’t think that’ll go down quite the way I want.  Honestly, nobody really knows what they want.  We’re in our early twenties.  I just figure it’ll all pan out eventually.

Are you seeing anyone?

The yearly reminder that you’re alone is a harsh one.  Excited family members will always ask that, but never be sure what to say as a follow up except, “Oh, well that’s nice” no matter what the answer is.  If you’re at the dinner alone, obviously you’re not seeing anyone seriously.

How’s the basketball team looking this year?

Sadly, this is what people know Gonzaga for primarily.  Even if they don’t follow sports at all, this is probably going to be the go-to.  And of course the basketball team is going to be looking good, this one is the ultimate space filler.  You may have that one uncle who’s actually really into college sports and may know more than 2 players, but it’ll primarily be questions about if we’re going to the Final Four or not.


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