GU Fashion Spotlight: Logan Shores

This week’s fashion spotlight is a freshman nursing student who pulls off his effortless style without restricting himself from less main-stream clothing–from his gold, silk leopard print pants to his dancing sweats and neon jackets. Much of his clothing reflects some part of his life, and he is also a seasoned thrifter. Learn about Logan Shores and the various influences in his life that are present in his suave style!


SO: Can you describe your usual everyday style/look?How would your friends describe your style?

Logan Shores: I would say my style is more of a collection of all of my memorable experiences. So I have a little bit of my sister, a little bit of my dad, my grandpa, a little bit of Nepal (I went there on a service trip with my old school). I don’t know, my friends call me crazy but I really just wear whatever’s comfy. I wear sweats a lot so it’s more like I make my sweats work with everything. I’m actually wearing sweats now. The key is to find sweats that just don’t look like sweats.


SO: Walk me through the outfit you are wearing now.

LS: Shoes: I wear these boots for the most part all throughout winter. My dad’s a big motorcycle rider and I always wear black boots ‘cause that’s what we wear when we go riding. They’re black ankle boots, all purpose.


Everything else: Mostly everything’s Goodwill. The sweats aren’t Goodwill, they’re the only thing that aren’t. My shirt isn’t even a guy shirt but where else are you ‘gonna find a polka dot shirt?! Might as well throw everything out on the line, you just can’t restrict yourself! I just dress with whatever I like to wear, so long as it’s socially appropriate for the most part.


SO: What article of clothing could you not live without?

Probably pants…like sweats. Oh yeah. I went to an art school—Tacoma School of the Arts—dancing sweats, that’s what we call them. I used to dance, I did hip hop and ballet. I guess that’s why I was introduced to them, and they’re comfy and everyone thinks they’re cool so you don’t have to work that hard for it…that sounds bad. I also have this pair that I went to Nepal with and they’re just the best. I guess I do wear a lot of Nepali, I wear baggy pants and scarves a lot.


SO: What or who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

LS: My sister would always buy me stuff. When I was little, she really wanted a little sister but that didn’t happen. So every birthday we’d do Value Village care packages with whatever you can get there for $20 which is actually a lot of stuff!


SO: What is your go to color?

LS: I don’t want to say black but it’s probably black. Or gold. I have these gold, silk leopard print pants (I actually think they were pajamas at one point) and then my shoes always have gold laces. And I always wear my grandpa’s watch and my dad’s Hopi ring, which is a tribe in the middle of the Navajo. My dad grew up in Arizona so it’s a native tradition.


SO: If you could only shop at one clothing store for the rest of your life, where would it be?

LS: The Bins in Seattle. What Goodwill can’t sell, they give to The Bins—it’s the Goodwill outlet. We have one really close [here in Spokane]! It’s called “The Bins” because all of the clothing is in bins and you just buy in bulk by the pound. I get a lot of neon jackets. And my leopard print pants, I got them for like 20 cents, so that seems like a pretty good buy.


SO: Do you dress to test? Any tips on that?

LS: I more dress to test with other people—like getting to know someone or a first date—that’s the only time I really think about what I’m wearing. I’ll wear my bolo tie or something; there’s a bit of cowboy in my style too every once in a while.


SO: If you could choose any trend to make a comeback on campus, what would it be?

LS: All the neon jackets. From the 1970’s? 80’s? Like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I have quite a few…you always find them [thrifting]. It’s always the men in their 30’s that are becoming dads so they throw out all their cool neon jackets.

neon neon2 neon3

 SO: If you were recruited to live with Santa in the North Pole for the month of December, what items of festive clothing would you bring?

LS: Well I have my super, super, ugly sweater. I’d bring that for sure and my black sweats cause I don’t go anywhere without them. It has two teddy bears on it—they both have bells—and it has trees and stars…its amazing!


Thanks for sitting down and talking with GU Style Spotlight, Logan! If you are a fashionista on campus…trend-setter… trend-follower…anyone who takes a liking to what they put on when they wake up in the morning…or know of anyone who would be interested in talking fashion with us, we invite you to reach out to the GUBB staff and we would love to sit down with you!


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