First Day of Spring Semester v. Fall Semester: The Same, But Also Not At All

The beginning of the semester should, in theory, be exactly the same for both fall and spring. It’s an exciting time of new classes, reconnecting with friends and questioning your decision to live in a place that somehow turns from Death Valley to Hoth in a matter of months. Though on paper the two beginnings should feel the same, they don’t.  They really, truly, don’t.

Beginning of Fall Semester – August

When people come back to school after summer break, they’re happy. They’ve wrapped up a summer job or internship and have a good amount of cash to their name. The sun kissed beautiful Gonzagans (Gonzagites? Gonzagiese?) excitedly show off their new dorms or houses to their friends as they wave goodbye to their parents, eager to see what their independence will bring them this year. There’s hope. “This is the year I’m finally going to utilize our gym!” “This is the year that I’m going to start eating healthy!” “This is the year I’m actually going to class!” Whatever it may be, the new school year resolution’s are apparent and plentiful.  Everyone’s full of childlike wonder, as if they were hearing The Beatles or Iggy Azalea for the first time. It’s a time of new beginnings.

Beginning of Spring Semester – January

After winter break, things turn for the worse. And fast. Half of the year is gone and so is half of that money they earned over summer. It’s nothing but spaghetti and quesadillas every night, which 5-year-old you would have loved but 21-year-old you isn’t super keen on. And that tan they worked so hard for on a catamaran evidenced by a million selfies? It’s turned to a pasty white mess. Except those people who went to Hawaii over break which, let’s be real, nobody really likes. The Gonzagonians (nah, this doesn’t sound right either…sorry) trudge back to their houses which are a mess to the roommates they’re slowly growing tired of.  The heat is off, of course, to save money. And don’t get me started on the holiday weight that makes you think your Grandma was wrong and you actually were eating enough. Now you’re skin and bones and a whole lot more. Thanks, Grandma. All the resolutions have slowly faded into darkness, which incidentally matches the outside. 90% of your day is dark and miserable like your life.

Anyway, have a great first week everyone!


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