GU Fashion Spotlight: Aaron McQuerter

Debuting as the first fashion spotlight of the semester: Aaron McQuerter, a Tacoma born Zag. Majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Psychology, this well-rounded sophomore’s fashion is influenced by skating, art, nature, Tacoma street-style and whatever is currently on the thrift racks. By expressing his individuality through his fashion choices while keeping a sustainable ideology about where he gets his clothing, he may just be Gonzaga’s new quintessential hipster.


SO: Can you describe your usual everyday style? How would your friends describe your style?

AM: I get a lot of my stuff from thrift stores, so I guess kind of thrifty, and somewhat retro/modern. I hang around with a lot of hipters from back home, so their style kind of influences me: cuffed pants and button-ups all the way buttoned up. Kind of like street-wear.

SO: Where is home?

AM: I’m from Tacoma, Washington, thirty minutes south of Seattle. I would say the general culture is more hipster. I feel like in Seattle, the trends are more up to date… in Tacoma I think everyone is more laid back and definitely more thrifty (I hardly ever buy anything new). I’m a skater so I think a lot of my style comes from my skater friends and skater culture in general. A lot of them go to Tacoma School of the Arts, so they’re pretty artsy even in their style and attitude. They really influence my steez.

SO: When did you start thrifting?

AM: I used to, growing up; I come from kind of a low income family in the first place, so my parents would always take us thrift shopping anyway. As I got older, I just stuck with it. There’s that feeling of nostalgia: just going thrift shopping and not knowing what you’re gonna’ find and then walking out with something that you love. It kind of reminds me of the old days thrifting with my friends. It’s kind of competitive when you go with other people too, if they find it first…you gotta’ get the cool stuff! I’ve had times when my friends will find the dopest shirt and I get jealous. It can be fun but it can also be competitive. I think a lot of people can be overwhelmed with it.

SO: Any tips not begin overwhelmed?

AM: Go in with no expectations. Set time aside to go there; if I’m going thrift shopping, I’m gonna’ be in there just looking around. I think it’s important that you look in every section from pants, to shirts to jackets. Just go in there and take it aisle at a time. It is more sustainable and it’s second hand, so whatever you buy isn’t gonna’ shrink, it’s not gonna’ fade out, it’s already as faded as it can get. I really like retro, worn stuff that has obviously been worn. It adds character.

SO: Walk me through the outfit you are wearing now.

AM: Shoes: Nike Roshes and Imperial Motion socks from Bleach in Tacoma.


Pants: Khaki skinnies from H&M.

Shirt: Plaid button up (Christmas colors!)—I got this at the Arc for a couple bucks.


Jacket: Letterman’s jacket (I got this for free).

Hat: I got this from a thrift store too. I don’t know what it is, but I like the strap!


SO: If your closet was burning down, what is the one item you would rescue?

AM: I can’t explain it…this button up shirt I have, it has triangle patterns on it, it’s just super weird colors and patterns. I wore it like every day in the summer; it was my favorite shirt. There are definitely a lot of memories in that shirt. Everything I have, it has a story behind it and of where I got it. When I throw stuff on, it’s like, “I got this here, I was in this city, with this person”…there’s a story behind everything.

SO: What is your go to color?

AM: I like salmon. I also really like navy. And of course black. Just the classic.

SO: What or who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

AM: Right now, I would probably have to say Wiz Khalifa. He makes me want to cut my jeans and stuff, he just wears whatever! He was wearing overalls on Instagram today, and it just looks so “I don’t care what you think, I’m gonna wear what I want”. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.27.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.28.23 PM


SO: If you could only shop at one clothing store for the rest of your life, where would it be?

AM: Ah that’s rough! Just one? I’d probably have to stay Stussy, it’s a clothing brand based out of New York. I only own one piece of their clothing—I can’t afford it—but it’s really nice stuff. It’s like street wear/skater. I also used to work at Vans so I have a lot of stuff from there…I used to rock like all of their stuff, I would get it for basically free…half off. Anything that was new, the employees saw it first so I could cop stuff and wear it a week ahead of anyone else.


SO: What is your favorite student winter style you are seeing on campus this semester?

AM: A lot of kids are wearing darker colored jeans with light colored shoes—maybe suede or leather—I think that’s really nice with a button up. More like earthy cools too, like maroons…stuff that reminds of you of the leaves. When it’s cold out, I tend to wear bolder, solid colors that kind of mimic my surroundings I guess. In the summer, you wear really bright stuff mimicking the weather ‘cause everything’s pretty bright.

SO: …and least favorite?

AM: People wearing sandals. Just sandals when it’s cold out, I don’t get that. More fashion wise, I think sweats are a total no-no, I don’t care if you just got out of bed. That’s an excuse, I know you’re trying to stay warm, but at the same time, it looks like you can’t try at all. Girls aren’t impressed.


SO: Have any tips for dressing in Spokane’s brutal winter?!

AM: Layers. Not one single winter coat, but maybe like a hoodie and then a lighter windbreaker over it. I’m really into that look. Earlier today, I had a hoodie under this. Also wearing stuff with a hood and then without a hood. And beanies for sure. Preferably Carhartt, those are my favorite beanies to wear.

carhartt …and as seen on One Direction’s Harry Styles…

carhartt harrystyles

SO: If you could choose any trend to make a comeback on campus, what would it be?

AM: Definitely New Balances. I mean they’re already back, but I remember growing up and having like four to five pairs and…I don’t know, they kind of disappeared for a while. They’re making a move back onto the scene though, which is pretty tight! I still haven’t gotten any but I need to. I think they’re called 594’s. Some of them are cooler than others.


SO: Any last parting thoughts?

AM: I really want to emphasize thrift shopping. The only things I ever buy new are shoes, pants, boxers and socks. Jackets and shirts are all thrift. I don’t think there’s any reason not to thrift shop! You save money and you find stuff that no one else has. I think people should try to be more unique instead of following the newest trend. I think that’s what fashion is in a sense: being an individual. Trends are universal, but I don’t buy the newest j’s (Jordans). Make your own trend!

Thanks for sitting down and talking with GU Style Spotlight, Aaron! If you are a fashionista on campus…trend-setter… trend-follower…anyone who takes a liking to what they put on when they wake up in the morning…or know of anyone who would be interested in talking fashion with us, we invite you to reach out to the GUBB staff and we would love to sit down with you!


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