13 Giveaways That You Go to Gonzaga

Returning to Gonzaga from a long school hiatus can sometimes hit you like the rush of that spin class you made yourself sign up for in the New Year. Friends! BARC! Safeway! Snow! It feels great until you realize you actually have to go to class. Nevertheless, the Zag spirit is in the air. Our Jesuit school is a unique one-of-a-kind place for us unique one-of-a-kind people… but we may sometimes forget how different our experience is than most other college experiences. Lo-and-behold, here are some occurrences that are dead giveaways of your Zag-ness:

1. When your friends from home talked about Greek life over break you got eerily quiet


…and you can’t use “pinning” or “legacy in a sentence (but you know what a GDI is)! 


2. You found yourself being forced to talk about a sport you know nothing about to your relatives over (every) break


But you know the players so well you can recite all their names in Morse code! 


3. Nevertheless, you watched this game over break and then saw this blog shared by one of your friends on Facebook:

Kevin Pangos



4. You came back from break with more Northface, Patagonia, or your Grandma’s old wool sweaters than you left with


It isn’t easy living in the tundra of Spokane but we make it look good.


5. You knew more than one person on your flight to and from break because our school is that small


You also may have passed a fellow Zag on your way driving back…


6. You felt lost when you drove in and saw that one of the cross’s lights on top of the Saint Al’s spires was out


“But they’re supposed to guide me the way home!”


7. Your friend group had to split up to watch the NCAA National Championship


Our non-existent football team means we’re that much more committed to the college team we grew up loving…which also means more rivalry.


8. You knew or recognized 95% of the people in at least one of your classes


You have either been in a club with, volunteered alongside, played intramurals against, lived in the same dorm, have seen them struttin’ down Bulldog Alley, met them through a friend’s friend and the list goes on…


9. Your professor was overwhelmed that a mandatory class for your major had 35 to 37 students rather than 30 to 32

mrw-…for fear of it hindering class participation.


10. At least one of your professors has played a get to know you game this week


And they already know some of the people’s names in your class like they were long lost relatives.


11. You actually had homework on syllabus week and your teacher lectured the full hour class on the first day


…there’s a reason it’s called “silly week” at most state schools!


12. You have already been invited to five school events on Facebook


…and most of them are student-run because we really are that involved.


13. In about a week it will no longer be apparent that you went to (insert hot vacation spot) over winter vacation because the Gonzaga weather will suck the sun from your soul


The good news is you’re probably so bundled up in clothing, no one can even tell! Right?!


Have any more universal Gonzaga occurrences?! Let us know, comment below!

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