Things Overheard at Ticket Distribution

It’s cold, sometimes wet and always worth it. Though it can be a pain, ticket distribution is one of those essential GU experiences that everyone should have at least once. Yes, standing outside in 30 degree weather to stand for an hour and a half watching other people have fun doesn’t sound glamorous, but literally hundreds of people do it anyway. It’s not a productive place to knock out homework or anything, so the majority of people just talk.

At ticket distribution yesterday, I stood near various places in line just to see what people talked about to pass time. There were some straight weird topics to be covered. Here’s some of the best.

  • A fifteen minute conversation on the Oxford comma, including what it was, when it was used and what types of people used it. I know fifteen minutes sounds like an exaggeration, but the amazing part is it’s not. These people really wanted to learn about grammar and punctuation in the middle of the 30 degree weather. It’s like Schoolhouse Rock meets Ice Age.
  • This quote: “Whenever I get into a bad situation, I say ‘Go Hawks’ and people back off.”

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  • Someone thought PACCAR was literally pronounced “pack hard.” Even if you’re a first year student, it’s January for crying out loud. You’ve had to have heard the word PACCAR pronounced at least a few times. And the school’s already pushing the immaturity level by writing “erected” on College Hall…if people had classes in Pack Hard, that’d be game over.
  • Whether or not Dupont, Washington was better than Colorado. If you’re from Dupont, I’m sure it’s a lovely place. However, Colorado is a whole state. With mountains. And South Park. And Peyton Manning. And I’ve heard of it. So in my humble opinion, I’m sorry, I’d have to give it to good ole’ CO.
  • Came into this one late, but I heard “I think he can eat now.” My guess is that the comment is about Gonzaga freshman guard Josh Perkins, who broke his jaw a couple months ago during a game. But yikes.
  • The comment “Kennel Board is corrupt like House of Cards.” Which, of course, makes total sense. Hardworking students trying to provide an ultimate fan experience for the whole school equates absolutely to a show with cheating, lying, drugs, alcohol abuse and violence. Astute observation.
  • A gentleman walked up to a group, and the following conversation took place.
    • Stranger: Hey
    • Student 1: Hey
    • Stranger: What’s your major?
    • Student 1: Um…business?
    • Stranger: Cool. Today’s the greatest day of my life.

And with a flourish, he was gone.

  • The quote “I could have stood with her, but I stood with you instead,” responded by “I could have stood with her too, except she makes me feel uncomfortable.” Poor girl was probably left by herself. Hope she at least got a ticket.
  • This had to be a joke, but someone was talking about how they didn’t watch movies and had never seen a movie. Or if it wasn’t a joke, this person has to have the self control and patience of a monk. If that was you and that was serious, let me know because I’d love to pick your brain and tell you how awesome Fight Club was.

Whatever it takes to pass the time, people will do. The Kennel will be full for the upcoming games against St. Mary’s and University of the Pacific, and now I know how hilarious you guys are.

Did YOU hear anything funny or weird? Comment below!


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  1. After standing in line for a solid hour and NOT getting a ticket, one of the more on-point quotes I heard was: “My only regret in college is not discovering Aloha sooner” wrapped up in a debate on which aloha grill location was more preferable- the one that is closer on monroe or the one with more seating all the way up on francis… to that I say yuhmmmm

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