Ben Yaks Back – 1/21

The controversial app Yik Yak has taken Gonzaga by storm. Yik Yak is an anonymous Twitter feed where people can say whatever they want, which can prompt some inappropriate content. Yik Yak also uses location services on your phone, so the Yaks you see are guaranteed to be from people in your area.

Yeah, this is back. As long as people Yak hilarious things, I’ll keep Yakking back.


“God really does work in mysterious ways”

This comes off the heels of the Seahawks coming back and winning a near impossible game to launch them into the Super Bowl, so this has never been more true. But if we’re talking about Morgan Freeman God, the real mystery is why he would take a role in Evan Almighty.


“When guys remove their hoodies and their shirts accidentally comes off [heart eyes emoji]”

“Well, I better take off my sweatshirt. WHOA NOW I’M HALF NAKED! WHOOPS!” -No guy. Ever.


“Why didn’t she get burnt when she spilled the acid? She was too basic”

That’s a freaking super power. Is this real? Probably not because this app is full of liars, but either way, that’s crazy impressive.


“I walk on the ice because what’s life without some danger?”

baby animated GIF

I don’t, because what’s life without a working tailbone?


“I feel as if we should have a philosophy of sports class here at GU. It would be a lot more interesting than all the other generic philosophy classes”

I can see the final now. “Tell me, in three sentences or less, why it feels so good to swat a noob while he tries to drive to the hoop,” or “Explain why professional football players do terrible things to other people. Site at least 5 sources within the last month.”


“Can we all take a minute to learn that when referring to the drug: it is spelled ‘heroin’ not ‘heroine'”

An example: A hero and heroine are two protagonists of a story. A hero and heroin is a soup and sandwich combo, but replace soup with drugs.


“I thought I was over him. Guess I’ve been lying to myself. I miss you. Please come back. I’d give anything to be in your arms again.”

See, you know I ran away and chopped my arms off to get away from you. You know this. We both understand this can’t happen again. Because I’m armless.


“I’m already slowly dying”

You know what’s sad? This has theoretically been true since the second we were born. Slowly but surely, every single day we get closer and closer to our inevitable deaths. Each day we are slowly dying until one day the deed will be complete. Gosh, aren’t Wednesdays the best?


“Does anyone have room for another girl in their tent Thursday??”

funny animated GIF

Oh honey. If you’ve been on this app for more than 10 seconds, you should know this is the WRONG place to ask that.







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