GU Fashion Spotlight: Carissa Grace Thomas

You may know her as the junior from Boulder, Colorado who longboards through campus and occasionally DJ’s a party here and there. You may have also noticed her funky clothing, influenced from her hometown snowboard culture, her favorite artist of the moment, and the (debateable) mother of all blogs: Tumblr. And you may have wondered: how is she so incredibly chill? Well, fear no more—we may be able to help you out. In her interview, Carissa Thomas (otherwise known as CGT) talks about walking the line in her clothing choices, how she completely disregarded gender specific clothing as a youthling (and continues to do so), and Yeezy’s black leather skirt. In the words of Carissa, “Just be yourself, dress like yourself… you’ll have the best time that way!”


SO: Can you describe your usual everyday style/look?

CGT: I feel like—I don’t know how to say this where it doesn’t sound weird—I feel like I really like to walk the line. I don’t necessarily wear boy clothes but I don’t really wear girl clothes, either. Some days I can be like, I’m gonna’ wear a skirt or a dress, but then other days I’ll wear pants and a baggy shirt so…I like to walk the line. (Bareeely)…


SO: How would your friends describe your style?

CGT: A little bit of a hippy. I’m from Boulder and growing up, I never was criticized for what I wore. Everyone was always so accepting. Where I was from at least, we were all so lucky; we always got to wear whatever we wanted to school. So I guess kind of a hippy?


SO: Do you think growing up in boulder influenced your style?

CGT: I would say number one thing is, when I went to school, especially when I was little, if I told my mom that I wanted to wear boy clothes to school that day she would let me do it. None of my teachers would say anything. For example, shorts instead of skirts. And then some days I would pick more girly clothes. What we [typically] classify as “boy clothes” is shorts and a baggy shirt.

At the same time too, Boulder I feel is very influenced by snowboard culture, so a lot of my clothes are things that you associate with those kinds of people. I’ll wear my Avalanche (NHL) jersey with a huge jacket over it, or a sweatshirt under it.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASO: What is the most used article of clothing in your closet?

CGT: My black pants with a zipper that runs half way up the leg. They’re skinny jeans that I got from Nordstrom. Black pants look good with everything!


SO: Walk me through the outfit you are wearing now.

CGT: Top: So I’m wearing a more basic shirt with one of my favorite purple velvet blazers over. I got it in a thrift shop in Boulder for like, $4. Holdin’ it dowwwn!


Accessories: My John Lennon glasses, and this necklace I got from my uncle. We have this joke where we always flip each other off and when I graduated high school he gave it to me!

Pants: Black skinnies.

Shoes: My black combat boots.



SO: If you could pick anyone’s closet in the world to shop out of, who would it be?

CGT: Anna Lunoe! I think she kind of walks the line like I do; she could wear a really cool men’s tank top, but then make it look feminine with maybe a low cut in the front or low cut in the sides. I like taking clothes that we traditionally think are made for guys and making them look good on women.


SO: What’s one your favorite gender-neutral trends?

CGT: After having lived in Europe especially, it’s hard to narrow it down because I feel like the entire world of fashion is going towards androgyny. If you look at the past couple years [in fashion], they’re taking female models and putting them in men’s clothing…or they’re taking men and women and putting them in clothing that are interchangeable.

It’s funny you ask that question ‘cause last night, I was reading VICE magazine (it’s really cool, it covers style but it doesn’t cover style in the terms of People magazine kind of style…it’s actually cutting edge style) they just did a whole article about how androgyny is in. It’s just like the fashion world is really almost over being, “this is only for women, this is only for men.” They’re becoming more and more creative. Think about how Kanye West wears that f***ing skirt thing all the time?! That black leather skirt! As far as fashion goes, he’s way in the fashion world.


SO: Some studies have shown that successful leaders such as Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein wore the same thing practically every day in order to keep decision fatigue low. What are your thoughts on keeping it simple?

CGT: I would say as far as keeping it simple, for me it’s always about being comfortable too… I know personally, very complex outfits usually aren’t the most comfortable. That being said, it’s like simple also kind of implies plain. Simple can be one shirt, but let’s say it’s a really cool, unique shirt. For every person, simple is going to be different. To me, simple is being comfortable and different… and that’s simple enough!


SO: What’s your best tip to staying warm and still staying true to your inner fashionista?

CGT: First of all, you need a nice jacket—the jacket has to be nice. And then, I like layering… so, for instance, the bottom layer would be an under shirt like a black shirt and then the top layer would be you know like a thin shell, an open shirt or maybe like a crew neck and then the jacket. Layering is key, and then having a nice jacket.


SO: What or who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

CGT: I honestly get a lot of my fashion advice—it’s gonna’ sound ridiculous but it’s true—from Tumblr. It’s one of the best places, really! It’s a platform where anyone could do it, and there are tons of kids that are our age and they’ll run successfull fashion blogs. It’s all based on what you see; if the picture’s good, the picture’s good. One of my favorites is Cara Delevinge, she’s a fashion model but she’s really weird. I’m also really into this guy right now, his tumblr link is:, it’s all Korean clothing.


SO: If you could choose any trend to make a comeback on campus, what would it be?

CGT: I think, all black everything. From Europe and just even like Jay-Z and Kanye, all black everything all the time. I don’t wear a ton of black but it’s kind of like the core of all my outfits.


SO: What was most impressionable style takeaway from studying abroad in Florence?

CGT: I think what really hit me when I went to Europe is that fashion is very important, but [even more-so] fashion is very important as an adult. You know? To the point where it’s business casual. No yoga pants, no sweat pants. Let’s say I’m at work and something happened and I got called in to a meeting… I don’t have to be in a power suit but I should be presentable at any moment of the day. Like, “Hi, I have pants on!” Just looking presentable.


SO: Birks or Vans?

CT: Vans.


SO: Are you a fan of the MUN trend?!

CT: It doesn’t really apply to me, but I am a fan. Is there a female version of that? Girls cutting their hair like Miley Cyrus…Jenifer Lawrence too…she’s like, “’cause I can b*****s!”


Thanks for sitting down and talking with GU Style Spotlight, Carissa! If you are a fashionista on campus…trend-setter… trend-follower…anyone who takes a liking to what they put on when they wake up in the morning…or know of anyone who would be interested in talking fashion with us, we invite you to reach out to the GUBB staff and we would love to sit down with you!


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