GU Fashion Spotlight: Tyler Hamke

A Pacific Northwest man through and through, this week’s fashion spotlight from Sammamish, Washington dresses by the fashion philosophy of “casual, yet functional.” He has taken flannel Friday to the next level (meaning all day, every day) and you may not recognize him without his signature flannel or birks and socks. Working as a graphic designer for Student Publications, leading as an RA in Roncalli and studying engineering keeps this flannel fanatic busy when he is not running a one-man dry-cleaning business for his own collection of flannels in his room.


SO: Can you describe your usual everyday style? What is your signature look?

TH: I feel like I don’t have a style, I just do casual, yet functional. But then I really have the Pacific Northwest look, that just happened.


SO: How would your friends describe your style?

TH: I definitely wear a lot of flannels in the winter…I don’t really know though because they’re all engineers! (laughs)


SO: What is the most used article of clothing in your closet?

TH: Flannels and birks, birks and socks. I have enough flannels to survive a washing machine apocalypse; I can go two weeks without repeating a flannel. You have to hang dry your flannels, too! All my residents [in Roncalli] say I should be operating a laundromat in my room…or they will say to me, “did the dry cleaner throw up in here?” And birks and socks are key because you can wear them year round: when summer comes around you just remove the socks and then you button down one button hole to allow for extra room. There’s a whole logic behind it. As soon as your toes get a little chilly, you throw on the extra socks. I have a 12-day supply of wool socks from Costco (only $10!).


SO: When did this flannel collection of yours start?

TH: I think I got a flannel for Christmas two year ago and then I’m like, “Hey, I like this.” Then I got a couple for my birthday. Then I just kept buying them. They’re so great.


SO: Do you partake in flannel friday?

TH: Yeah, last semester I did a thing with my friend where we wore a flannel every day…he ran out of flannels. I didn’t. It was kind of a competition.


SO: What does your dream flannel look like?

TH: I really enjoy this one, the one that I’m wearing. I really enjoy a thick, hardy flannel. They have a good temperature range: it could be cold out and you could be good in a flannel but it can also be warm out and you can unbutton it. The thing I like about it is it doesn’t take a lot of forethought. Fun fact: I buy them ALL on sale—I never pay full price! Some of the best ones are from thrift stores; this one is an Eddy Bauer one from the 1980’s. It’s really nice because it’s pre-broken in and already worn. The quality of flannels back then was for lumber jacks and people doing manual labor, they weren’t for fashion…so they’re really functional.


SO: Have you ever felt pressured to grow out a mustache?

TH: No mustache but I would pay a lot of money to grow a beard. I feel like that is one of the key things to the Pacific Northwest style that I just love. But unfortunately, my genes do not allow me to do so. I would also love to wear the smaller glasses that have the fake wood…but my face does not allow for those type of glasses.


SO: Walk me through the outfit you are wearing now.

TH: Shoes: Birks and socks.


Pants: Jeans.

Top: Flannel and a vest.


Accessories: It’s a Pebble Steel Smartwatch. It syncs with my phone, so it gets my phone’s notifications, calendar alerts, e-mail… it gives me the temperature, the weather, the date, my schedule and tracks my steps…it’s like the iWatch but better. If you’re in class and you get a text, rather than try to sneak it under the table, I just look at my watch! The thing I like about the pebble is it looks like a watch before it looks like a smart watch. The thing with I watch is the battery life is a day at most and this can go five days. I could go on but I don’t want to turn this into an advertisement for Pebble Smartwatches


SO: …Too late, you already sold me. If you could only shop at one clothing store for the rest of your life, where would it be?

TH: Probably Eddy Bauer. I just feel like it has a wide range of functionality because you can go pretty dressed up… like you can get nice, button-up flannel shirts (laughs). But you can also get hiking gear, warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes. I don’t shop there too much though because it can be expensive…I walk straight to the sale rack.


SO: What is your go to color?

TH: I don’t have a go to color. I like blues. Although my girlfriend taught me you can’t wear blue on blue!


SO: What or who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

TH: I don’t have a fashion inspiration idol. I don’t open up a magazine like GQ or whatever they are and be like, “oh! I want to dress like him!” I wear flannel because I like flannels. I wear jeans because they’re comfortable. It’s a very practial approach to fashion. Every few weeks, I’ll put something on and think, “that doesn’t look good”. But 98 percent of the time I can get to that step before I put it on. Your flannel kind of determines your mood too. Like during Christmas time, I wore this one a lot because it’s Christmasy. I have a thicker one, you always know you’re good to go in the cold. I also have one that’s lined on the inside that blocks the wind. I’m not trying to be hipster though (I know that’s a hipster thing to say). I wear this because it’s comfortable. Fashion is the least on my comfortable list.


SO: What is your favorite student winter style you are seeing on campus this semester? Least favorite?

TH: I feel like I’ve seen an increase in flannels lately. Maybe no more-so than usual, maybe I’m just observant of them more. But it’s not like I’m seeing a trend… I guess I always enjoy seeing people rocking the birks and socks in the winter. As far as least favorite…you do you.


SO: If you could choose any trend to make a comeback on campus, what would it be?

TH: You don’t want to get too flannel heavy, because then it just looks like everyone’s copying each other…little cooky-cutter students. I like the diversity though, I don’t want to be at some big state school where everyone looks all fratty. I think I would like to see non-Washingtonians or Oregonians try the Pacific Northwest style just for a little bit. Just to see how they like it. Until they fall in love with it. And if they don’t like it, they can go back to their style! It’s good to envelop yourself in the local fashion scene.


SO: If you were invited to the next Oscars, what would your red carpet outfit be?

TH: Well the thing is, if I was going to a red carpet event, I’m obviously not gonna’ go in a flannel ‘cause that just doesn’t make since. I just got a new suit; it’s dark navy blue. I got it because my only other suit is a black one and I can’t wear black to a cocktail event…you don’t think you’d stand out wearing black but you do! You stand out like a sore thumb! And it’s only two shades different! But to the Oscars, I’d go black suit and I love me a bow tie. Bow ties are cool. (That’s a Dr. Who reference).

bow-ties are cool

Thanks for sitting down and talking with GU Style Spotlight, Tyler! If you are a fashionista on campus…trend-setter… trend-follower…anyone who takes a liking to what they put on when they wake up in the morning…or know of anyone who would be interested in talking fashion with us, we invite you to reach out to the GUBB staff and we would love to sit down with you!


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  1. Awesome, Tyler! Love, Aunt Judi


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