6 Life Lessons From “The Bachelor” That Every College Student Can Relate To

This season’s The Bachelor has thus far lived up to all our expectations for reality TV (although we’re still not sure how much is rightfully, “reality” or “acting”). In the midst of enforcing gender stereotypes, emphasizing the purity myth and airing a shameless advertising plug (smoothly intertwined within a date), we found that the show has some universal life lessons that your average college student can relate to! So next time you’re navigating the job market in search of employment, heading to your first job interview or simply going on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, remember these gems and be thankful you didn’t have to learn them the hard way on The Bachelor.



1. Live with no regrets and take risks


We’re all aware that Ashley S. likely smoked multiple, unknown substances found in the darkest crevices of the Amazon before she came on the show. But just when we thought she couldn’t get any more bizarre (remember the onion-that-was-actually-a-pomegranate), she goes ahead and disproves us with her self-assured statement to Chris. Upon her fourth encounter with him, she whispers: “I like, really love you. And I love everything about you.” The sad thing is, she probably didn’t even set a record for earliest “I love you” on The Bachelor… and she also got kicked off the same episode (no one ever said those risks always pay off…).


2. You’re not always as special as your parents tell you you are

Ashley I

Ashley I.’s superiority complex is off-the-charts; she most likely paid her friends into voting for her as prom queen in high school because she clearly is not used to being runner-up. After another girl received the one-on-one Cinderella themed date, she defensively states, “That’s supposed to be my date…I’m gonna try not to let it get to me even though we all know this is Cinderella” (referring to her princess dress she wore in the house regardless of receiving the date card). Denial is the first step towards acceptance–you’ll make it through, Ash.


3. Think about the appropriate times to spill your life baggage

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.04.16 PM

Some settings are better than others to openly confess your tragic story to a man you (along with a multitude of others girls) are dating, and a pool party complete with margaritas, pool toys and cannonballs will never be it. The fact that Juelia’s husband committed suicide is perhaps one of the most sincere and heart-breaking back stories to date on The Bachelor, but Juelia seems to have completely missed the mark on her timing. During an otherwise jolly pool party, she felt inclined to spill her life’s woes to the bachelor in great detail, leaving him awkwardly contorting his face into numerous sympathetic expressions.


4. And maybe the appropriate times to keep your emotions in check, too

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 5.07.26 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 5.33.36 PM

After not getting enough time with Chris, Ashley I. spends her alone time with him bawling about how upset she is about not getting enough time with him (and then completely one-eightied and proceeded to make out with him).


5. First impressions are important, but second chances exist


Tara may have had a little too much fun with her friend Jack Daniels on her first night on the show, but nevertheless, pulled through to the second episode. Thank you for instilling in us the faith that people give second chances, Tara.


6. Rejection is inevitable, but how you pick yourself back up is key

i feel nothing

Everyone faces rejection differently. Many may take time to internally reflect or set new goals…others just don’t face it at all. Cue, Ashley S. After not receiving a rose: “I feel nothing.”

Learned any more “life lessons” from The Bachelor? Share below!


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