5 Tips for Competing in GUFF For Dummies

What is GUFF, you ask? Green United Forest Forces? Gremlins Uprising For Freedom? Or maybe, Gonzaga University’s Furry Friends? No to all of the above (although we would support those). No, GUFF stands for Gonzaga University Film Fight, Gonzaga’s FIRST EVER 48-hour film competition! If you’re not familiar with the competition, watch the promo video below:

This week, GUBB sat down with two of GUFF’s very own organizers—Caroline Rourke and Katie Cronin—whom also happen to be 48-hour film veterans, both having competed in film fights of their own. For those of you on the fence about competing (and for those who have no film or acting experience what-so-ever), here are some helpful dollops of advice to ease your worried minds about looming questions you may have about the competition.

1. My team can hold anywhere from 1 to 1,000,000 members?! I don’t know what this is supposed to mean. Help?!?


A GUFF team can hold anywhere from 1 to 1,000,000 members. Should you assemble an army of minions to cover as much ground as possible? Not necessarily. Rourke says, “I don’t think having more people or less people is really gonna directly impact the way you create a film…it really depends on the skills and abilities of your team.” Cronin added that you should take into account what type of group setting you work best in—small or large—and go from there. In general, four to five is typically a solid number.


2. Ok, but what if the only time I have ever used a release was when I released myself from the burden that is homework?


For those of you who have never dealt with releases (the paper ones, that is), don’t make now be the time (if you don’t have to). Use as little releases as required. Location releases are required for anything that is not public property, Gonzaga property and your own house. “Make your lives easier and shoot places you don’t have to get permission,” Cronin says. It’s also not kosher to film random strangers without their knowledge. Get around this by putting up signs where you’re shooting. And when in doubt, ask!


3. If I want to use the latest and greatest song by A$AP Ferg in my film, I don’t have to get a music release as long as the song is under 30 seconds, right?


Not exactly. The 30-second rule of thumb for using copyrighted music is generally fine, but you never know if your video will get taken down from the platform you uploaded it on or if the (highly qualified) judges will reject it. Instead, use royalty free music (try purple planet http://www.purple-planet.com as a starting point) or better yet, make friends with a local artist and get them to sign a music release. Or if you know how to get groovy with garage band, all the more power to you.


4. Editing videos is not my forte but I still think I have a shot with my acting skills that I developed in junior high when I played townsperson 16 in the Fiddler on the Roof musical. Help?

mistah g

I-movie and Windows Movie Maker are free and easy-to-use software available to all Mac and PC users. You can also take a gander at the talent pool on GUFF’s Facebook page here (or search: “Gonzaga Film Fight” on Facebook), where you can find editors, actors and other talent to help you out!


5. This whole 48 hour thing is a little foreboding. How much time should I give to what?


Editing takes a while, especially if you’re not very familiar with it, so plan to set enough time aside to edit your film. Rourke mentions, “48 hours can be a lot of time or not enough time at all…get an idea and stick with it!” Once your script is together, know what you need to shoot and don’t deviate from your plan. You can always add more as needed during the editing process. Cronin adds, “that being said, if the world gives you something like a beautiful sunset, pay attention.”


So what’re you waiting for?! Register at: gufilmfight.com. More questions can be directed to Eli Francovitch at efrancovich@zagmail.gonzaga.edu.

Regardless if you plan to compete or not, don’t miss out on the premiere party in Wolff Auditorium on March 20th, where the winning films will be shown!


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