15 Identifiable Signs You Are a Gonzaga Business Major

We’ve all gone through the vulnerable and indecisive state-of-mind that is being an undeclared major or through the anxiety that switching majors brings (and if you haven’t been through either, congrats on being the 1%). But, alas! You finally chose to settle down as a business major because you like the freedom it allows and you think you’re O.K. at managing money. Of course, being a business major is so much more than that. Here are some telltale signs that indeed, you are a Gonzaga business major.


1. You’ve told one of your friends, “If I get a 250% on my next B-Law test, I can bump up my grade to a B!”



2. You’ve completed one or more homework assignments evaluating the Gonzaga ethos statement and it’s validity as a mission statement.

snoop nod


3. You’ve felt the need to defend your business major to pre-med, nursing and engineering majors because not every business major chose business because it’s the “easy route.”



4. You got confused when your schedule said “Jepson room 114.”

…Until you realized it’s actually Wolff Auditorium


5. You know Professor Joy’s shoe size.


From that one time he whipped his foot on the table and startled you out of your seat


6. You called your mom after you received a Micro Economics test back from Bennett to brag about your semi-decent score.


And all is well in life.


7. You tell people that Lake Arthur freezes over and becomes a magical ice rink in the wintertime.



8. You have strange, superstitious pre-test rituals in Thomas Hammer because you believe…no you know…that studying there before your accounting test will get you a better grade.



9. You were irked when you found out you had to take a lab science because all of the non-lab science classes were taken.

jim carrey


10. You’ve had a debate with one of your Humanities friends about why business is just as pivotal of a societal institution as education.



11. You’re jealous of all of your accounting peers who have already secured post-graduation jobs.



12. You own one business casual outfit and you rock it every time you have to give an in-class presentation.

business suit


13. Your Mac is the bane of your existence when you have to deal with spreadsheets because Excel is so much user-friendly on PC.



14. Group projects. Enough said.


“The tribe has spoken. You may leave the group.”


15. Contrary to popular belief, you actually dread the idea of working in a cubicle for your life-long career.

…unless it’s at Google’s headquarters



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