8 Reasons You Should Absolutely Hate Gonzaga

On the Bulldog Blog, we’ve had a lot of posts about why Gonzaga is great. This can get tiring to hear after a while, so here are a few reasons why GU isn’t exactly the best.

1. Our basketball team is only number 3 in the nation right now.

Considering that we were number 1 a few years ago and there are two schools happier than us, this isn’t something to be proud of. Sure, we’re ranked higher than 343 other Division I basketball teams and just clinched the WCC regular season championship going a perfect 16-0 in the division, but really? There are two teams above us out of a total 346. Unacceptable.

2. Views like this:




First of all, beautiful sunsets are products of pollution, so what’s that say about the air that Gonzaga is giving its students? It’s hard for students to focus on school because there are so many cool places to see around Spokane. So it’s irresponsible for Gonzaga to have founded itself in 1887 KNOWING that Spokane would turn into a great place to live with tons of gorgeous sights and then pumping them full of polluted air.

3. The average GPA of accepted students is 3.70.

An “A” average? I thought we prided ourselves on diversity at this school. If the average GPA of the incoming students is all excellent, where’s the diversity? Why are we only taking smart kids at our school? More importantly, if Gonzaga prides itself so much on admitting smart kids, why am I here?

4. The food.

Sodexo, man. Yes, okay, every worker there is incredibly friendly and works incredibly hard to provide us with nutritious and plentiful food in a clean environment.  Sure, they may have earned the 2012 Recycler of the Year for Higher Education Award from the Washington State Recycling Association for reducing garbage by 25-30 percent through innovative recycling, composting and other waste-reduction initiatives, but still.  Sometimes they run out of pizza right when I walk up, so that’s annoying and a reason to hate them.

5. 100% of classes taught by professors, a student/faculty ratio of 11 to 1 and an average class size of 23.

If Gonzaga really cared about its students, they’d make it easier to skip class. If you have an inattentive TA in a 600 person auditorium, nobody would care if you were gone. In fact, they’d probably like having an empty seat next to them because they’d be crammed in the seats like sardines. But of course Gonzaga wants their precious 3.7 average kids to actually learn. If knowing your professors personally is what you were going for, GU, congratulations. You’ve done it. Also, it forces students to be engaged in their learning and accountable for attendance. What a pain.

6. 98% of students receive financial aid.

Why in the world would a school make it easier for deserving students to attend? It’s almost like Gonzaga’s saying, “Oh, you’re a great student with lots of potential but can’t quite afford full tuition, let’s make it easier for you to grow and develop yourself at our fine institution.”

7. GU offers over 75 academic programs of study.

Great. As if I don’t have enough to deal with in my life, now I need to pick a major out of an available 75+. I wish there was only 10, so then I wouldn’t have much of a choice with what to do for the rest of forever.

8. Our Yik Yak feed.

This one’s real. Our Yik Yak feed isn’t awesome.


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