Ish You Do In The BARC (or did in the COG)

For some of us, our lives as we know it revolve around the BARC (R.I.P. COG). It is so much more than just a cafeteria where we eat; it is a place to gather friends and discuss the pressing matters in our lives, to cram for a test the day of and to save our stomachs from caving in on themselves on a late Friday night. BARC is really a way of life. We go through ups and downs in our BARC relationship (like that one time you ate too much Kung Pao Chicken), but at the end of the day, BARC is BAE.

And just like with your BAE, you will start to witness some unusual and odd behavior after frequenting it so often. YOU…yes, YOU may find yourself partaking in these actions on any given day at the BARC. Here are some of the ish we do and see on a regular basis when we start to get a little too comfortable in our beloved BARC:

1. Attempting to get by without being swiped in by casually sauntering past a big group



2. Nobly trying to hand off your card to swipe in a friend behind you

JEROME-SIMPSON-FLIP-TD           …Aaaaand he made it! Psych! Don’t do this. 10 times out of 10 it won’t work. Unless you’re Jerome Simpson.


3. Get a plate of food and proceed to finish eating it while in line for your next plate



4. Get a salad for dinner because you’re on a “diet” but then go back anyway for a grilled cheese and five desserts



5. Take cereal and throw it back in your mouth shamelessly on your way out



6. Freak out when they’re serving your favorite tots in the morning and spread the good word to at least five people



7. Attempt to sneak out bowls of food by slyly speed walking out the door



8. Come in 10 minutes before closing and ask the workers to change the TV channel

ronswanson…as a group of BARC workers silently swarm around you like sharks.


9. Rob the gluten free cabinet of its delicious treats even though you’re not gluten intolerant



10. Start the slow clap when your friend drops his/her dishes



Have any more ish you see on a regular basis? Let us know, comment below!


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