10 Things You Do The Week Of Midterms

Lets face it. Midterms week is hard. Today marks the 49th day of the second semester and we’re tired.
The comfort of home, the passion of Mission Possible, the inspiration of Treks and the excitement of GU Outdoors trips are all calling our names as we push through five more days of class.

With the tempting plans of Spring Break in the back of our minds, here are 10 things that we all do the week of Midterms.

  1. Reserve a study room in the library… and watch a movie instead of studyingboy-headphones
  2. Call Jimmy John’s so many times they know your name and order by heartjimmy-johns-breach
  3. Plan to dress well to test well… but end up going to your midterm in sweats anyway0671231a11f11667c4975e17620e1770b47ffcd49512f6f3f2813195f9a00d4b
  4. Stay up till 2am… watching the new season of House of Cards          a27e9480cef1f73c717b4dc44e7823d381bcbc4da0c045a13d3bf556e07d0301
  5. Lying in your Snapchat story about how much you’re studying            Snapchat
  6. Post a #TBT to a past Spring Break so this year’s Spring Break will seem cooler  10261074_805500386144819_1287412528_a
  7. Scramble to get tickets to the basketball games in Vegas with your friends, (BTW it’s not Kennel Board’s fault)vegas-burj-al-arab
  8. Plot to sabotage your friends who have no midterms this week                        a-kpron-color
  9. Pretend to be a werewolf on Thursday night while watching the full moon             wolf1_h2                 
  10. Stare at a computer screen for so long that it hurts your eyes to go outside             Photophobia

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