GET FIT!: Team Pilates

Are you looking to once-and-for-all start those New Years resolutions? Are you committed to getting fit? Are you getting bored of your every day work out routine? Is your mind – body – spirit trifecta looking unbalanced in the body category? If you answered yes to any of the above… GUBB presents:


GET FIT! is our way of presenting Zags some of the best fitness gyms in Spokane from an insider’s perspective. We do all the tedious work for you: find college-student-friendly gyms, attend two classes from each gym and then evaluate our experience. We’re like your supportive friend and teammate guiding you with a helping hand to find the best FIT (pun intended) for YOU!

This week, our team evaluated Team Pilates, an award winning facility for “Best Pilates Studio” and “Top Ten Best Yoga Studio” in Spokane. Team Pilates has something for anyone looking for a dynamic total body workout at either one of their two locations roughly 12-15 minutes from campus: one in the Valley and one on the North Side. The studios boast classic Pilates equipment such as Trapeze, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Springboards.


In the words of Team Pilates:

“We believe that Pilates is a life altering experience that will truly transform your body into it’s healthiest state. Let us help you reach the next level of fitness, proper alignment and posture, tone and overall well being.”

Address: North Side: 521 E Holland Ave, Ste 60 Spokane, WA 99218

Spokane Valley, 12422 E Desmet Ave. Spokane Valley, 99216


Facebook: Team Pilates!/pages/TEAM-PILATES/88202259254

Phone: 509-232-0714

Current Promotions:

2015 ALL YEAR LONG: New clients receive 25% off your entire first purchase
Student Membership Promotion: $99 a month

Classes offered: Pilates Mat, Core Fundamentals, Express Pilates, Classic 34, Healthy Spine Mat, Bosates, (Ultimate) Body Barre, Ballet Barre, Glutelates, Mobil Mat/Orbit, Dancelates, Springboard, Circuit, Cardio Core…and MORE!

Class Size: A typical group class ranges from 4-6 participants, but each studio also prides itself on offering private or duo sessions for those looking for a more personalized workout. The small class sizes ensure you get the attention you need.

Staff: The highly qualified staff—led by team leader, Angelie Melzer, formerly a professional ballerina—is clearly dedicated to your comfort, safety, health and well-being. The staff includes a Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Bone and Healthy Spine Specialist. Both instructors we worked with had a clear commitment to safety and precision as first and foremost to building a stronger and healthier body.

GUBB Says: We especially recommend this type of workout for anyone who has any stress, misalignment, chronic pain or physical therapy needs as the instructors are all very knowledgeable about how to help you with correcting and easing these pains.

Class #1: 6:00 PM Mobil Mat/Orbit class

This class uses the Orbit to create a system of movement that adds core power and strength, combining seated and standing exercises with rotational movement. Challenge your obliques and engage your core as you literally “go for a ride” in this class!

Location: North Side location – 12-15 minutes from campus

If you feel more comfortable with or like to feed off the energy of larger groups, we would recommend the North Side location due to its ability to hold larger-capacity classes.

Class Size: 5

Difficulty: The orbit class falls under the “small equipment” group classes and is a step up in difficulty from your typical Pilates class due to the system of movement the Orbit creates. If you have never taken a basic Pilates mat class, it is recommended that you start there in order to better understand the small muscle movements that you may otherwise overlook and that are required to reap the full benefits of this class.

Overall Experience:

Review 1: I really enjoyed using the Orbit in this class; I definitely felt my core working! The instructor, Christina, was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in describing exactly what we were supposed to be doing. She kept the class working at a good pace and with lots of energy. Taking this class made me curious and interested in trying out the many other equipment classes Team Pilates has to offer!

Review 2: The environment was welcoming and lively as each person was greeted who entered the room to join the class. Their class sign up program was very organized online. The music playing was nice to set the mood and tone for the night. We placed out things in cubbies and there was already a mat, a yoga block and a wooden balance pole waiting for each of us on the floor. I felt very well taken care of and attended to. The instructor did all of the exercises with us, which I appreciated because it had been a long time for me since I have done Pilates. She explained what muscle each pose and position was working so that we could focus mentally and physically on that region of our body.


Class #2: 8:00 AM Body Barre class

Body Barre, just one of the many classes Team Pilates offers, is rooted in Pilates, Yoga and Dance and is taught by certified Pilates instructors. This specific class helps to sculpt, tone and align your body while burning calories through constant movement.

Location: Spokane Valley Location – 12-13 minutes from campus

Since the Valley studio is a new location, only two of us arrived for this class. Located in the top story of a baseball-training warehouse, the studio can be hard to find on your first visit if you do not know where to look. The studio space is very small but comfortably fits smaller groups. If you’re someone who enjoys a very intimate, more personalized workout, the Spokane Valley would be a good fit for you.

Class Size: 2

Difficulty: All levels

Students at all levels of fitness could take this class, as this type of workout focuses on small, controlled movements and will reap benefits for all. This workout will be very beneficial to your body and health and would serve as a great stress reliever or cross-trainer to build all of those muscles that you did not know you had!

Overall Experience:

Having taken Barre before, I was pretty familiar with most of the moves and I thought the class went at a slightly slow pace for my liking. However, I think one of the focuses of the instructors is taking into factor the level each student is at and adjusting the workout accordingly. Additionally, it was our first class so the instructor was taking care we understood what we were doing! I appreciated the instructor’s clear enthusiasm for the class, attention to detail, and focus on correct technique.



TOMORROW at NOON  our team will be handing out promotional materials around campus…don’t miss out!


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