What Zag Fans Are *Really* Thinking During Basketball Games

Sacrificing dinnertime. Sprinting around campus. Loss of sleep. Traveling in large groups. Yes, the Men’s and Women’s Gonzaga Basketball teams do all of these things…but so does Zag Nation. We pride ourselves on being the sacrificing, energetic and diehard fans we are. We are the cream filling to the Oreo; the Ying twin to the Yang twin; the Instagram selfie to the Kardashians…the Kennel wouldn’t be the same without us.

So before (most of us) say goodbye to cheering at Gonzaga basketball games for the 2014-2015 season and gear up to cheer, laugh, cry and perhaps even perform a ritual jig in front of the big screen that will make your roommate question your existence, we meander down memory lane to the best Zag fan moments throughout the season, taking note on what exactly the crowd was thinking during each game.

 MBB Quaterfinal vs. USF (WCC Tournament)

MBB | Quarterfinal vs. USF                Matt Weigand photo

“I wonder how long I can hold this sign up before my arms give out and revert into my body. TINA YOUR TURN!”


MBB Semifinal vs. Pepperdine (WCC Tournament)

MBB | Semifinal vs. Pepperdine                Matt Weigand photo



MBB Final vs. BYU (WCC Tournament)

MBB | Final vs. BYU            Matt Weigand photo

“Quick selfie for my girl Ellen Degeneres. #Thayne4Pres2016 #NoThayneNoGain #InThayneWeTrust #InTHAYNEInTheMembrane”



MBB vs. BYU             Ryan Sullivan photo

“When do I tell them that my real name isn’t actually Kevin?”


Every Single Game

Mark Few             Matt Weigand photo

***Whale Dialect*** “Maaah haaaa laa faaaa faaaa! Ooooh gaaaah”



  Matt Weigand photo

“If I could have his hair I would give up my entire collection of Star Trek action figurines and bacon for the rest of my life.”



Bailey Nurmia

                              Austin Ilg photo

“I didn’t even camp out in the below freezing weather and I still got a seat in the front five rows! ESPN HERE I COMEEEE!”



289               Ben Walker photo

“If Kevin makes this, I’m skipping my test tomorrow and taking this week off of school. Yeah. I need some me time.”


WCC Tournament

W Bball v LMU                              Matt Weigand photo

“Prince Ali! Fabulous He! Ali Ababwaaa!”


WCC Tournament

W Bball v LMU         Matt Weigand photo

“Jaaaasus, take the wheel and  bring us some SUPPER!”


WCC Tournament

W Bball v LMU                Matt Weigand photo

 “Hey, hey Mitch! Look at that man’s fanny pack! That is a nice fanny pack he has on.”


WCC Tournament

M Bball v BYU              Matt Weigand photo

 ***Largest yawn since the last Big Foot sighting*** “All of this pressure and high-intensity is making me a little sleepy, guys.”


 WCC Tournament

M Bball v BYU                 Matt Weigand photo

 “This is my song. This is my favorite Led Zeppelin song.”


Don’t forget to check out the rest of the MBB and WBB pictures, as well as many more news stories at gonzagabulletin.com!

Have any of your own pictures or captions? Comment below!!!

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