5 Must-Try Cafes in Spokane by Joseph Harshbarger

Written by guest blogger: Joseph Harshbarger

We spend so much time searching for things in our lives: for the right career path to the right shoes to wear to a party. The majority of my time in Spokane has been spent searching for one thing: the best pastry shop. My love for France has created a pastry lover out of me, and I am constantly looking to feed my pastry addiction. Here are just a few of the places I have come to love here in the great city of Spokane:

Almond Croissant----Hucklebrry’s Natural Market

Almond Croissant—-Hucklebrry’s Natural Market

  1. Rockwood Café

    1. This café truly has the air of being downtown while still maintaining its neighborhood charm. Found near Manito Park, this local treasure offers its customers a delightful assortment of pastries that ooze goodness. With plenty of tables where one can sit, Rockwood is the perfect place to have a (study) date and enjoy an enchanting treat.
  2. Huckleberry’s Natural Market

    1. While this is a grocery store, one cannot help to rational the purchase of a pastry from this South Hill market. It’s organic, it’s fresh; what’s not to love? I feel that I can totally rationalize having three or four gluten free scones, because there is no gluten…that makes sense. Anyway, this bakery offers a number of gluten based and gluten free options that will please any pastry lover.
  3. Sweet Frostings

    1. Cupcakes have been the “it” thing for a while. Sweet Frostings, found in Downtown Spokane, features many delicious morsels that can turn any rainy day when you just had your philosophy midterm, into one filled with a chocolate cupcake. Anyone looking for a sweet treat found in a cupcake will not be displeased!
  4. Boots Bakery and Lounge

    1. A little walk off-campus brings you to Boots. More of a brunch place, this café offers a wonderful variety of dishes and some pastries that make anyone feel relaxed on the weekend or any day of the week. It is simple food that makes ones mouth water and is still a healthy option, even with Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes on the menu!
  5. HONORABLE MENTION: Madeleine’s

    1. It was with great sadness that the Spokane community learned of the temporary closing of Madeleine’s. From their croissant to their biscotti, everything was mouth-watering. Not a day goes by where I do not wish to walk downtown to spend my life earnings at this café. With the hope of a speedy re-opening, it just seemed irreverent not to place this wonderful establishment on the list.

Go tuck into a pastry, relax, and enjoy. A pastry is just the thing to make your day perfect!


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4 replies

  1. Coeur Coffeehouse anyone? Atticus? Clover?


  2. Rocket Bakery doesn’t even get a mention?? They’ve literally been voted Best Bakery in Spokane something like two years in a row now.


  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Can’t wait to check them out!


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