6 Things We Miss About Being Sweet 16

With all the hype right now around the Sweet 16, we thought it fitting to reminisce about the things we miss most about our sweet, sweet 16 years. Because…why not?


1. The initial hype around the greatest invention of all time: Snuggies


Yes, they still exist. But the honeymoon phase is over and the initial excitement has slowly faded. I don’t know about you, but at my school, once the first Snuggie commercial was viewed, the excitement spread like wildfire. I actually made a video about Snuggies for a marketing class I was in. But seriously, what is better than a blanket with arms that engulfs you in a warm little cocoon. Watching your favorite show on your favorite couch with your favorite ice cream IN a blanket with arms, I guess.

*Side Note* If you have never seen a Snuggie commercial, do yourself a favor and watch one.


2. Perusing the shelves at your local video rental store

Ahhh, a distant memory, R.I.P. Blockbuster/Hollywood Video. Post-millenial children will never understand the feeling of success after persuading your parents to let you pick out two videos instead of just one. Let alone what a VHS is.


3. When Facebook was first introduced

…and you made status’ announcing the weather news even though ten of your friends had practically the exact same status: “snow, snow SNOW, best day everrrrr! Who wants to go sledding?!”

…or updating the world on how you were feeling on any given day while leaving an element of mystery:              “bad day :(”

…or filling in the Facebook community on your day’s important agenda: “back from lunch with Chris! Then going to pick up new skis!”


4. The thrill of driving to school for the first time and feeling fly as a zipper

There was always that one person who earned their ticket to freedom before anyone else in the sophomore class and would rock the around-the-neck lanyard or casually-sticking-out-the-pocket lanyard. Meanwhile, you were stuck getting rides to school in the Minivan…but not anymore. In this moment, YOU were the boss in charge of the wheel, this is your world and everyone else is just a fearful pedestrian livin’ in it.


5. Groovin’ out to Nelly Furtado, Akon and Sean Kingston

Where did they go? Is Sean Kingston really dead or did shawty just lose the melody in his head? Will Nelly Furtado ever migrate back to the music scene like a bird? Did Akon get too lonely in the music business?


6. Wearing UGGS

And not receiving judgmental stares because everyone and their third cousins were wearing them. This one’s more for the ladies, but men, all the power to you if you dabbled in the trend. They may be UGGly, but our 16-year-old selves didn’t let that stop us.


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