8 Elite Questions to Ask at the Fireside Chat

Tomorrow is the annual Fireside Chat with President McCulloh and GSBA President Conner House at 7:30pm on the main floor of Crosby! In the spirit of March Madness and in pride of being a Bulldog, here are 8 elite questions to ask our Presidents at the Fireside Chat.


 1. President McCulloh, be honest, did you cry Sunday night after the game?


2. Is Whole Foods coming to the Hemmingson Center!?


3. Are we going to have a Kevin Pangos statue in front of the Hemmingson?


4. Can we have a sardines tournament in Hemmingson before it officially opens?


5. What color is this dress?


6. Healthy Campus 2020? Sounds like a new college reality TV show rivaling The Biggest Looser.


7. Duke or Wisconsin… who will win it all?

ACC Tournament: Florida State Seminoles v Duke Blue Devils

8. What is that new blinky thing in Jepson?



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