Zags Behind the Earphones: What Zags Are Listening to

Have you ever wondered what that dude walking toward you is listening to on his earphones? Or what is putting the pep in that fine sista’s step on her way to class? Wonder no more. This week, we randomly approached Zags on campus and got down to the bottom of what exactly it is they are listening to behind their earphones. If you’re running low on music inspiration, look no further than to your fellow Zags. Here are their responses:


Outro – Vulfpeck

Geena Pietromonaco


Two Fingers – Jake Bugg

Sylvia Ely: “I’ve been listening to him for about a year!”


Ready Set Roll – Chase Rice

Cassy Geerdts


How Do You Love Me – SPZRKT & Sango and Crank That (Soulja Boy) – Soula Boy Tell’em

Carissa Thomas (left): “Sango is this amazing producer and he’s been doing these incredible mini mix tapes of all sorts of different genres.”

Lauren Blumhardt: “I do throwbacks. It gets me psyched for class.”


Blame ft. John Newman – Calvin Harris

Gage Catherman


O Holy Night – Nsync

Sara Wendland (aka Swendy): “It’s a pump up song…right around 1:41. I just love it, I LOVE it. There’s this one point where he breaks out and just HITS that note. It’s a Christmas album!”


Duck Dynasty

Trey Gianella: “I’m watching Duck Dynasty…kind of stalling on my homework.”


Get Behind This – Flor

Blake Finnerty: “I’m listening to this on Eight Tracks.”


Got To Be Real – Cheryl Lynn

Ceilidh Baxter: “I’m in an oldies craze right now. I think this was my shower song today…it’s definitely a craze I’m going through.”


Lose Yourself – Eminem

Naurez Sahoo: “I’m just listening to Spotify and it’s on shuffle.”


Another Day Without You – Billy Currington

Brandon Thompson: “I’m a big country person, I always listen to country music when I walk to class.”


Layla – Eric Clapton

Clare Prange: “It’s classic rock. I feel like this song is kind of legendary.”


Umm…Kanye? You know, some Yeezus

Jacob Yee: “I’m definitely NOT listening to traditional Cuban music that I heard in class today because that would just be embarrassing…I never do this, I swear. It’s Spotify in my defense.”


Summer – Calvin Harris

Chelsea Unsworth: “This is embarrassing, usually I have better taste!”


What You Need (Proxy Remix) – Tiga

Scott Eisele: “I heard this song originally on a mix and I really liked it so I looked it up. It’s just a really hard hitting electronic song.


Whiskey in My Water – Tyler Farr

Conner Longoria: “I like country.”


Like I Can – Sam Smith

Alex Bluhm: “I really like him, so I’m really glad he came up on this Spotify playlist!”


“Sawbones” Podcast

Alex Beland: “It’s a medical podcast–doctors talk about old ways they used to treat things.”


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