Thoughts of a Graduating Senior Suffering From Senioritis (And Other Senior-isms)

Balancing your schoolwork, social life, future plans and taking care of yourself becomes a whole new ball game second semester senior year. Suddenly every decision you make is that much more weighted with that much more importance to complete everything you aspire to do in your college career while the ever-present ticking of time until graduation rings in your ear. Combined with the itch to get out into the real world, many seniors contract the classic condition of senioritis: a decreased motivation and general apathy toward studies.

No one senior is safe from contracting it, and it can sneak up during any given class, paper, or project. But have no fear—you’re not alone! Here is an account of this condition, and other “senior-isms” manifested in thoughts:

1. No, I did not know that we have 30 days till graduation but thank you kindly for reminding me, Mom…



2. …30 days? Deny. Accept! Deny.



3. What is the meaning of life? Maybe I’ll join a monastery and become a monk. After I pay off my student loans.



4. Four years and I STILL can’t get to class on time.



5. We have a paper due TODAY…?



6. 2 sentences into paper: An all-too-recognizable force consumes you. You suddenly don’t care. But then you tell yourself: I’ve done this before, stop being a whining Wendy. You continue on until the entire cycle repeats on the next page.



7. Whoever said one can’t multitask effectively has not been into a classroom filled with seniors…



8. Playing outside in the sun > school



9. Procrastinating on an app on your phone you haven’t touched in a year > school



10. Learning about 3-toed pygmy sloths > school



11. ***Sees three Facebook status’ in a row of classmates announcing accepted job offers*** Anxiety hits full force. It’s fine. I’m just going to pursue a career in becoming the next big YouTube sensation.



12. They told me I’d hear back from them by Monday. It’s Tuesday and I haven’t heard anything. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.



13. I’ve already accepted I’m going to fail my finals.



14. So how many yoga classes do I have to go to in order to pass?



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