Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Senior Year

As the school year winds down and the excuse “It’s college” slowly loses credibility, it’s natural that those of us in the senior class become reminiscent and sentimental. We take a look back at the things we’ve done, the things we wish we did and the things that we probably shouldn’t have. But even after four years of learning, there’s still gaps of knowledge that probably should have been addressed sooner. Let’s take a look.

1. How to spell, pronounce, and appreciate Coeur D’Alene reactiongifs animated GIF

  I had to Google it to make sure I spelled it right this time, too. It took me until this year to be able to register that the spelling above is pronounced “Core-da-lane.” Never would have guessed, right? I blame the French. But after spending a summer here with countless trips to the town that makes Idaho actually seem like an okay place to be, I’m kicking myself for not knowing about it sooner.

2. Spokane is actually cool

I know. But hear me out. At first it doesn’t really seem like much, I’ll be the first to admit that. But once you actually take the time to look around the city and get a feel for everything, it’s pretty awesome. There are cool restaurants and little neighborhoods around with tucked away movie theaters and concert venues and a ton more. It’s just a matter of having the courage to explore.

3. You’re not going to tell stories of the time you spent binging “Game of Thrones”

Sure, it’s nice to unwind after a tough day with some TV or browsing Reddit, but we have our whole lives to be boring. If someone calls you up at 10 PM and asks you to go for a drive to get Atilano’s, do it. As I think about my top ten college experiences, not one of them was by myself and none of them involved “Family Guy.” Be with people. Do things. It’s what Jesus would do.

4. Gonzaga’s beauty. In every sense.

It’s no secret that GU is chock-full of beautiful people, buildings and bloggers. This doesn’t carry over into the real world. It’s slowly hitting me that I won’t be in an aesthetically pleasing place like Gonzaga ever again. Seeing happy people in a happy place is something that definitely exists in the real world, but isn’t nearly as pertinent as it is here. Seriously, next time you walk by Lake Arthur, just take a second to soak it in. It’s good.

5. Five hours of studying doesn’t really mean squat

Usually if you put five hours into anything you expect the results to be pretty good. If you put five hours into writing a blog post, for example, in theory it should end up being shared on the personal Facebook wall of President Thayne McCulloh (hint, hint, Thayne).

6. We knew how to eat when we were seven

 Although we might feel bad making a huge thing of mac and cheese and hot dogs, that was the way to do it. It’s cheap, efficient and it still tastes amazing. We’ll have more time to be fancy and healthy and know what pâté is when we’re older and boring.

7. Knights of Columbus

It took a while, but people need to know about the bar at the Knights of Columbus building. Cheap cocktails, student run trivia, and a location close to home makes for the perfect place to grab weekday drinks. Responsibly of course (hint, hint, Thayne).


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