Ben Yaks Back – 4/16

For some reason, the app Yik Yak has been insanely popular at GU. Yik Yak is an anonymous Twitter feed where people can say whatever they want, which can prompt some inappropriate content. Yik Yak also uses location services on your phone, so the Yaks you see are guaranteed to be from people in your area.


Alrighty, starting out strong today.

“Whilst wearing headphones, someone else with headphones walked past me and fist bumped me and said, ‘that’s cool. We’re just living life alone with our headphones, and that’s okay.'”

And then everybody started applauding, right? But seriously guys, do you really believe these stories or do you upvote them just because your finger slips? I’m genuinely curious. I don’t understand this app at all.

“NY, LA, Dubai, Toronto… Next logical step is a Spokane snapstory”

smart animated GIF

I’m sure the world would love to see 40 million videos of the falls and drinking, sure. Yes, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and Toronto have some of the most iconic scenery and architecture in the world, but sure. The logical thing to do is make a worldwide Snap story for Spokane, right.

“I love it when I ask how someone is doing and they give me a super honest answer. Like, I asked and that means I’m interested in how you’re doing!”

Really? I’m the exact opposite. If I’m walking past someone and ask them how they are, I won’t know what to do myself if they say more than three words. Good for you.

“I was 110% done with today before I got out of bed”

This had 45 upvotes. I’ve seen this exact thing almost every single time I’ve logged in about how people “Are seriously over today” or “Done with today already,” but this got 45 upvotes? Why? I want to conduct some sort of survey that looks at people’s logic in upvoting Yik Yak posts. I don’t get it.

“Why does Microsoft still automatically start with a USELESS font and USELESS font size!?!?”

Comment Picture

I’m just imagining you were sitting writing your paper, the Word screen popped up, and then of course you were compelled to whip out your phone and Yak about it. Work on your paper. It won’t finish itself.

“There’s a beautiful girl sitting across from me at the library that just looks so stressed. I don’t know her, but the good guy in me just wants to give her a hug so she knows things will be okay.”

If you do that, I promise the instinctual part in her is going to deliver a hard punch straight to where it counts. Touching strangers is seldom okay.

“My boobs are really big it makes me look wide and broad shouldered not attractive”

fishing animated GIF

Actually, funny you mention this. I would recommend Clear Lake or maybe Lake Spokane. You know, because you obviously love fishing so much. Get over yourself.

“I need a bae to long board with”

You’re the reason why old people hate youths so much. And probably the reason I’m going to hate youths when I’m an old person.


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