College Language at its Best

I challenge you to walk around campus and eavesdrop on some people. Listen to their conversations. What language are they speaking? I’m not talking about if they’re talking in Spanish or Italian. I’m talking about if they are speaking “college student,” a.k.a. a language filled with words that mean completely different things than what is in the dictionary or frankly not a word at all in the dictionary. Here are a list of some words from the college language or “collange” that I’ve heard while walking around campus:

1. Make Bank


“Dude, when I graduate I’m going to work for Nike and make bank!”

You’re going to need a lot more than a graduation certificate to build a bank. Maybe start with come cement and a crane. Don’t forget a hardhat.

2. Drop the base


“Just wait till we drop the base

Bases are expensive! You should be more careful when transporting such a delicate instrument.

3. I’m down


“Yea, I guess I’m down to go”

I don’t get it. Are you down river? Down in the valley? Down in the dumps? And if you were open to the idea, wouldn’t you be up for it?

4. Are you seeing _____ (insert name)?


“Hey Lisa, are you seeing Jack?”

Is this a question about glasses or if they need new contacts? I’m pretty sure Lisa would be able to see Jack unless Jack is an imaginary character that Lisa has created in her mind. But its ok Lisa, imaginary friends are real friends too.

5. I’m game


“I’m game to watch True Detective tonight”

Are you saying that you are a game yourself? If not, I could think of a couple games you could play while watching True Detective tonight like Clue, Yahtzee and Pictionary. I guess a show about two detectives solving a murder in the South doesn’t entertain you enough.

6. On fleek


“You’re eyebrows are on fleek!”

Ok, at this point I don’t even know what to say. That can’t be a word. Who started this!?

7. Jacked, yolked, swoll


“That guy is so jacked, his muscles are coming out of his shirt!”

Only cars can be jacked, only eggs can be yolked and only bruises can be swoll.

8. Go ham


“I’m going to go ham on this sandwich!”

Ya! You go ham! For lunch, I’m going to go peanut butter on my sandwich. That’s how it works right? You go ____ (insert main ingredient of dish)?


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