GU Fashion Spotlight: Han Wu

As a senior Public Relations major from the Los Angeles area, this fashion spotlight embodies her self-proclaimed “California chic” style with her casual approach towards fashion. A Free People fanatic, you’ll find her in anything oversized or flowy so long as she’s not putting on the golf course for Gonzaga’s Women’s Golf team. Get to know Han Wu, her fashion philosophy, her favorite Coachella-festival-goer, and what to expect if Spokane hosted a fashion week.

SO: Can you describe your usual everyday style/look? How would your friends describe your style?

HW: It’s weird because it always depends on obviously the weather, cause I’m on the golf team so it depends on if we have practice. I would say I’m a little boho but not too much, but also very casual. I like to call it—it’s not a thing, but Californian Chic.


SO: …You’re on the golf team? What is that like?

HW: I’ve been on the golf team for four years…I definitely have an athletic side too. Sometimes I just rock the Nike gear—that’s only when I have to practice. Back at home where I’m from, especially from my community, people really like to dress up. So if you show up in sweats, people are like “what?” I also didn’t know yoga pants existed until the end of my junior year and then I bought a pair and I was like, “this is the best thing ever!” I grew up at a high school where people wear heals to class so it was a little intense. But I think Spokane’s more laid back. That’s what I go for.


SO: So you’re from California. Is your fashion influenced greatly by your Californian roots?

HW: I wanna say no, but then yes, I think it is. There’s still a big part of California to me. You know the style in Seattle you see a lot of? I think it’s like a mix. I don’t wanna say hipster. That’s definitely what my roommate calls me, but she’s from Idaho so (laughs)…I’m like no, I don’t like to be called that.


SO: What is your fashion philosophy in a statement?

HW: I think comfort [is important]. Quality is also important, but it just depends cause at home, I go to thrift shops a lot but at times I also go to Urban Outfitters and I’ll pay $70 for a shirt. It all depends I guess. I just like to wear whatever is comfortable and I also like to wear what shows a lot more skin. Gotta show off my Californian tan!


SO: Was there a point in your life when you remember your style changing?

HW: I think it changed a lot last summer because I studied abroad in London and after I came back I was all about European style. Now I’m leaning more towards Free People—oh my gosh, I literally follow every [Free People] social media site, that’s what I try to go for.


SO: What were some of the most impressionable fashions that stood out to you In London?

HW: I felt like Europeans really know how to layer, especially in London. I don’t know, everyone had great style when I was in London! They just knew how to work the colors. And they had really good shoes.


SO: Walk me through the outfit you are wearing now.

HW: Sweater: This is actually one of my favorite kimono sweater type things. This is from Forever 21. My favorite thing about what I wear is just oversized stuff: oversized sweaters, oversized jackets…I don’t like wearing anything tight.

Top: This is actually a hand-me-down Obey tank top. I like anything with a nice design on the back. I got this scarf in Amsterdam from H&M. It’s really flowy which I like. And then I’m wearing this Free People bralette that I always wear. I’m not a big fan of accessories, I don’t do chunky jewelries, I keep it simple.

Jeans: Just regular blue jeans.

Shoes: I’m wearing my Vans—my California roots coming out.



SO: I noticed you have a tattoo on your forearm. What does it mean to you?

HW: Well, I got it the summer before my junior year. I was going through this sophomore slump and my roommate sophomore year, Sarah Fine, gave me this necklace; it was a Hamsa Hand. She gave it to me as like, the world is a positive and happy place. I wore it all the time, it got really worn out, and then I decided that I wanted to get it on my wrist cause it just represents how I got past that time. I know it’s supposed to mean protection from evil, so every time I look at it I just take a deep breath and I think it’s just kind of a reminder, it tells me everything is gonna be okay and that I can get through the day!


SO: What article of clothing, in your opinion, is the most essential addition to any wardrobe?

HW: I would say the button-up kind of chambray; it’s not a jean jacket. That’s my go-to because my mom used to wear one all the time and she handed it down to me. It’s just something that you can casually wear with a dress. Usually you don’t wear it as outerwear but I like to do that a lot, just with a casual white tank.


SO: Do you have any fashion rules that you’re a stickler on? Do you ever find yourself breaking the “typical fashion rules”?!

HW: Isn’t there a rule where you’re supposed to not wear black and blue? I wear black and blue all the time. I don’t really have any fashion rules. I’m just kind of like, “hey if you like it, wear it.”


SO: What stores would your dream mall contain?

HW: I definitely shop at Forever 21. I usually go to Urban Outfitters—I go to the sale section a lot so that’s always the best place to look. A lot of local thrift shops, boutique shops if there are any, H&M for simple stuff. And Topshop! But if I could afford Free People that would be literally the only store that I would ever go to.


SO: Do you have any specific thrift shops that you’re keen about?

HW: Plato’s Closet, which has nice vintage stuff. But I’ll usually go to Good Will or Salvation Army and I’ll find some nice cardigans for $8, which is pretty good in my book!


SO: How does color play a roll in your wardrobe? Any go-to colors?

HW: Very depressing, but black and grey. I lean towards more of the greyish tone colors, just darker colors. You rarely see me in bright pink or bright orange, that’s not me. If I’m just throwing on something I would go black shirt with a grey jacket, just keep it simple.


SO: What or who is your fashion inspiration/idol?

HW: I would say Free People blogs. I definitely follow them on Instagram and look them up on YouTube. And I also watch a lot of YouTube videos, especially British Youtubers. Oh, and Vanessa Hudgens. She is my all-time favorite. I always see her at Coachella and I was disappointed that she didn’t go to Coachella this year, but her style is the best style, in my opinion! I follow her Instagram, too. I think she’s doing a musical on Broadway right now.


SO: What is your favorite student spring style you are seeing on campus this semester?

HW: I like how everyone’s bringing back the flowy pants, definitely. And I like how—not just at school—but people are bringing back bell-bottom jeans, because I’m totally down for that. That’s my favorite. Because I know back in high school, people would always be [wearing] skinny jeans and leggings, but now I’m like, no, flowy pants. I told my roommate that I was gonna buy overalls cause I think that’s slowly coming back too…even though that was very elementary school. The short ones, not the long ones.


SO: If Spokane hosted a “Spokane Fashion Week,” what would you expect/want to see on the runway?

HW: I don’t even know…I feel like Spokane is very diverse in style, there’s not a simple thing. I think it depends. I feel like a lot of people would be rockin’ the Birkenstocks, which I don’t really work well with. I think they’re slowly coming to California. It’s becoming a really big fashion staple—I definitely saw that a lot in Europe too, Birks and Nike Roshes. They’re not like running shoes, they’re just fashion shoes. [But] Californians are all about the Rainbows.


Thanks for sitting down and talking with GU Style Spotlight, Han! If you are a fashionista on campus…trend-setter… trend-follower…anyone who takes a liking to what they put on when they wake up in the morning…or know of anyone who would be interested in talking fashion with us, we invite you to reach out to the GUBB staff and we would love to sit down with you!


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