A Gonzaga Bucket List, Sincerely From a Graduating Senior

It’s difficult to express what my time at Gonzaga has meant to me. I’ve met some of the most diverse people—geographically, intellectually and spiritually—that have molded my perspectives, taken some of the most life-altering classes, and then (disregard the cliché) learned so much more outside of the classroom. Here’s my attempt of compiling a list of shenanigans that helped to make my experience what it was, and that should be mandatory requirements for all Zags before graduation:

  1. Say YES more often than no. If your yes-to-no ratio begins to tip too far to the “no” side, adjust accordingly.
  2. Relish in a Spokane sunset at the Cliff Drive lookout (up the hill past Sacred Heart), arguably one of the best lookout points in the city of Spokane.
  3. Stay up until 2:47 am talking to your hall/roommates. Some of my best conversations in college were due to the fact that I deprived my body of sleep but in effect nourished my mind.
  4. Become a Feminist. If you’re reading this right now, you’re affected by gender issues. If you’re not reading this, you’re still affected by gender issues.
  5. Don’t be afraid to live in non-conventional dorms (aka CM). COUGHLIN IS COOL, OK.
  6. Sing/scream karaoke at Star.
  7. Befriend a Jesuit. They won’t judge you for attempting to walk through the McDonald’s drive through after a night at Star.
  8. Play trivia at Knights with said Jesuit.
  9. Study abroad. It changes your life.
  10. Find a way to study abroad even if your major doesn’t allow for it.
  11. Put off studying to get a Sonic shake. I would recommend combining the Chocolate and Salted Caramel for a taste bud explosion of yum.
  12. Go to Mass at St. Als and the student chapel at least once even if you’re not Catholic.
  13. Attend a GUTS show to witness impromptu comedy at its finest.
  14. Participate in Spo’ sum. This is mandatory. You’ll discover a whole new side of Spokane.
  15. Go to Diversity Monologues! Students sharing stories = perspectives broadened.
  16. Take advantage of the plethora of speakers Gonzaga hosts—when else will you be able to attend this many free events?
  17. Start a band…even if you only practice in the comfort of your own home. What? No I didn’t do this…
  18. Play sardines in college hall!
  19. Don’t stress too much about deciding what you’re going to do with your life to the point where you’re not able to actually LIVE it.
  20. Participate in an epic senior prank.

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