The Top 5 Things I’ll Miss About Spokane and Gonzaga This Summer

At the end of each academic year, I’m always hit with a whirlwind of emotions. I’m relieved that I survived finals. I’m stressed about getting packed and ready to go home. I’m happy that I’ll have a few months where I don’t have to worry about reading or quizzes or tests or papers (granted summer school isn’t in the picture).

All of these things run through my mind– and then I pause and remember that for about three and a half months, I will not be surrounded by all of the places that make Gonzaga and Spokane such great places to go to school.


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McLellan Dumplings… need I say more? I have searched high and low, but have yet to discover any other restaurant with dumplings and pizzas that can even come close to the delicacies at The Flying Goat. I’ve already informed my mother that our first stop after our drive back to Spokane in the fall will be for McLellan Dumplings and the Cora Artisan Pizza at The Flying Goat.


(Photo source: Friendship Friday Facebook

There is no better way to kick off the weekend than with a trip to Crosby and an encounter with the Friendship Friday crew. Between the smiling faces, loud music, and pseudo friendship photoshoots, what’s not to love about Friendship Friday? Additionally, this is one of the many community building and enhancing events at Gonzaga that makes our community so warm and welcoming. Maybe I’ll see if the Friendship Friday team is willing to line up outside of my house and greet me every Friday afternoon…?


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Whether you’re walking, biking, rollerblading,razor scootering, or long boarding, a trip down Centennial Trail is always beautiful and enjoyable– and certainly beats walking along city streets and dodging gum on the sidewalk. Centennial (literally) connects Gonzaga University to the heart of downtown Spokane, and serves as an invitation for students to explore the community.


(Photo credit: Atticus Coffee & Gifts Facebook

I cannot imagine a Saturday morning that is more wonderful than one spent sitting at Atticus with a hazelnut latte and a great book. Whether it’s kicking off the weekend or serving as a mid-week pickup, a trip to Atticus always puts me in a good mood. Added bonus: Atticus is often swimming with other Gonzaga students, so study breaks and caffeine sessions are never without some friendly and familiar faces.


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For a student who didn’t have a meal plan last year, I got pretty good at finding friends who would sneak out cookies for me. Whether they were fresh baked or had been sitting out for a few hours, Cog cookies always made the perfect mid day snack. I’m contemplating asking the school if they would FedEx me a few cookies each week, because I don’t know how I’ll be able to survive an entire summer without those delicious multicolored cookies.

Spending summer at home is great, don’t get me wrong. But there are certainly little pieces of Gonzaga and Spokane that I will miss. Whether it’s some aspect of the Gonzaga community or campus that you’ll miss, or a favorite Spokane hangout, I am pretty positive that come September 1 there will be a lot of smiling and happy faces on campus and around Spokane.

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  1. Well now I want to go to Spokane! Next May I will be there and I expect to experience all these wonderful sounding places! AJ


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