5 Things You Didn’t Expect To Miss About Gonzaga Over Summer

Summer vacation was the best when you were a kid. The weather was nicer, you could hang out with all of your friends, and endless adventures awaited you. In college, however, you may find yourself actually itching to get back to campus by mid-July. Everybody misses the beautiful campus, the friends from other states, and the basketball games, but you may find that you miss the little things you didn’t expect to miss at all.

1. Being Constantly Surrounded By People


At school there were people everywhere. In the bathrooms, at the library, at the gym, and every place in between there were people surrounding you. It would be rare to take more than 10 steps without running into another person. You were positive that you wouldn’t miss this part of the college experience. After all, you need your alone time. However, after you wake up alone in your house for the 20th straight day you begin to realize that you may actually miss the forced human contact you had in college.



FLEX basically seemed like bonus money that you could use at certain restaurants on campus. Even though you paid for FLEX dining dollars as a part of your meal plan, you could always trick yourself into believing that it wasn’t real money. As you once again receive an email from your bank telling you your account has dropped below $25, you find it much harder to trick yourself the same way with your debit card.

 3. There Were Always Things Going On


One of the biggest differences between college and high school is that there is always something happening on a college campus. Although you didn’t directly participate in many of the happenings going on, all the different events gave the campus a spirited feel. Everywhere you looked you would see clubs, small groups, intramurals, and tour groups. If you were ever bored on a weekend you could always try whatever event was in College Hall 101 for that day.

4. Spokane


If you didn’t grow up in Spokane you probably didn’t have very high expectations for the city. It’s a big city that you probably should avoid wandering in alone at night. You definitely know at least one person with a horror story about the city. On more than one occasion you have been able to identify places near campus on Cops. Yet, if you’re not living there over the summer, you find yourself missing The Spo. It was nice being able to walk downtown or drive only a few minutes to be surrounded by some of the best bars, restaurants, and nightlife in Washington.

5. The Zag Community

Although you miss a lot about Gonzaga, the thing you probably miss the most is the people. Gonzaga is home to some of the most interesting, friendly people you’ve ever met. Everyone always jokes about how Zags will always hold the door open for you but you didn’t really realize to what extent that was true until you found yourself getting mad at a stranger who let the door close in your face. Every new friend you made would be more worldly and interesting than the last. Maybe it’s because of the Jesuit values, maybe it’s because students and faculty strive to inspire one another, or maybe it’s because the admissions office knows exactly what kind of student it wants. Whatever it is, you can’t wait to get back to school and be a part of it. Go Zags.


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