Thoughts We All Have Starting A New School Year

At the start of every school year there are many philosophical and practical issues that students must work through and figure out: Will I keep using the same study tactics that I did last year? Should I make this the year that I become a morning person? Is watching six hours of Netflix a day still socially acceptable? These questions and many more are the types of thoughts and issues that students face at the start of a new school year… And unfortunately for most of us, the thoughts we have now and what will actually end up happening once the chaos and excitement of school kicks in will be two very, very different things.

Thoughts on packing back up for school: “Holy cow, how do I have so much clothing? Why do I need so much stuff? When did I buy this? Did (insert friend’s name here) ever give me back that black sweater? I love that sweater. I have to be sure and pack that. How am I going to fit all of this into two suitcases? My goal for this year is to dress cute, and make and effort every day but I can’t do that if I can’t pack all of my clothes!”

Reality: “I’ll just wear the same sweats and t-shirt all week, nobody really saw me wear this outfit did they? It doesn’t smell so I guess that means it’s ok…?”

Thoughts on purchasing (or renting) textbooks: “OH MY GOSH WHY ARE TEXTBOOKS SO EXPENSIVE? Am I ever really going to use these textbooks? Don’t they have this stuff online yet? Oh well I guess I just have to get them…… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS SHIPPING COSTS AS MUCH AS THE ACTUAL BOOKS. Can I just drive to amazon and pick these up?”

Reality: “I love you so much textbooks. I love you glossary. I love you end of chapter quizzes, without you I would have never passed. You are worth every. single. penny.”

Thoughts about procrastination: “I’m going to be so organized this semester. I’m going to stay sooo on top of everything. No procrastinating this semester. It’s so much easier to just do everything when it’s assigned not wait until the due date, right? And I’m going to go to the library everyday. It can’t be that hard, can it?”

Reality: “Ehh, that project isn’t due for another hour. I have plenty of time for another nap.”

Thoughts about health and fitness: “I’m going to workout all the time! When else in my life will I live walking distance from the gym? I think I like working out… it’s fun to sweat right? I already live in workout clothes so might as well take it to the next level.”

Reality: “Well, the walk from bed to the fridge burned a few calories right? Or I can sleep, sleeping burns calories I think.”

Thoughts about how this year will go: “This is going to be such a good year! I’m so happy to be back at GONZAGA!”



Welcome back to Spokane! Have a great semester Zags!


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