Fashion Spotlight: Katie Jasinski

A senior Communications major and Psychology minor from San Mateo, California, Katie Jasinski is all about chic, comfortable clothing. Katie’s style blends together her native Californian roots and a few pieces of the Pacific Northwest Culture that she has embraced during her time at Gonzaga. She gravitates toward classic pieces, and aims to compile a wardrobe that is timeless and tailored with a touch of trendy. Check out what Katie had to share about her approach fashion, blending her west coast style with the pacific northwest trends.


LB: How would you describe your personal style?

KJ: Id say classic but trendy, because i don’t tend to take too much out on a limb, but in a way I just know when things look good. You don’t have to make a statement with what you wear to look classic and well put together.
LB: Do you think growing up in California influenced your personal style or how you approach fashion?

KJ: Yeah, I think honestly [my style] has been influenced by where I’m from just because I’ve noticed that being around bigger areas, we get a lot more trends and there is more diversity in types of people so there are a lot more styles going on. Getting exposure to different people from where I grew up resulted in me seeing that not everyone looks or dresses the same. But coming to college has influenced it as well, there is a specific PNW culture and type of dressing. Like Burks! I would have never worn Burks before coming here. I love the relaxed and Earthy PNW style.
LB: What is your fashion philosophy in a statement/ what do you aim to achieve with your style and clothing choices?

KJ: You should feel comfortable in what you’re wearing because your confidence shows when you’re feeling comfortable in what you wear. With that, I’ve taught myself to try and get the correct size. You don’t need to be worried about sizing or numbers cause if it fits– it fits, and you’ll look better in something that actually fits than wearing something with a smaller label.
LB: Has there ever been a point in your life when your style changed/evolved?

KJ: I’d say just with maturing, quality has been a big thing. I used to go shop and try and get a ton of things and that was fine when i was younger, but now that I’m done growing I like to invest in pieces that are classic. Classic pieces never go out of style and they can be paired with other trendy things. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean designer or pricey either, it just means tailored pieces and things that fit you well.
LB: I know you studied abroad in Florence! What did you notice about European/ Italian fashion?

KJ: They’re really into the grunge look there right now and that’s not something I see myself getting into. Lots of clunky boots and darker things paired with lots of tears—-and tears are good sometimes but they tend to use them in excess. I saw that some [Italians] wear really flowy pieces. Oh, and they always wore their big coats into the summer and heat! They dress by season, not by weather and that made sense I guess. One of my personal things is that I don’t like wearing winter stuff when its cold in the spring, I like to wear things that are spring oriented but not necessarily based only by season.

10934093_10205887873026097_7773074294179364235_o(Katie chilling by the Arno in Firenze!)

LB: Tell me about the outfit you’re wearing now:

KJ: Shoes: They’re from Nordstrom. I bought them this summer. They’re booty sandals. They’re a more dressy version of a flat gladiator sandal. I can wear them to bars and to work, and I like that about them. They’re nude/neutral so I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them!

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.05.54 PM

Jeans: My dark wash crop jeans! I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them. I think the cropped look is flattering on a lot of people’s body types so the cropped look doesn’t chop you up as much. They’re Paige from Nordstrom.


Shirt: It’s American Eagle chambray. It goes with my theme of being comfortable. It can be dressed up or down. The jean on jean is a delicate balance and it doesn’t always work, but the dark wash on the bottom and light wash on top is good.

LB: What would you say is an essential article of clothing for any woman’s wardrobe?

KJ: I think a good go to is a good pair of nice looking jeans. Probably a clean, dark wash. They can be dressed up or down and for the most part if you go with jeggings or stretchy material, they can still be very comfortable.
LB: How do you feel about fashion rules and guidelines?

KJ: I tend to always follow the rules more than I break them. One [rule I follow] would be find a cut or fit that works for you and stick with it. Another pet peeve of mine, is when people wear boots and it’s still warm out! I’m a big fan of wearing sandals, that’s the California girl in me. I’d rather be barefoot than wear closed toed shoes. I think it’s good to dress seasonally.
LB: What role does color play in your wardrobe?

KJ: I’m very into earth tones and natural colors. I think that has to do with my theory of not having to stand out to look classic and chic. Earth tones are flattering on everyone. They can be paired with a lot and you can get more versatility out of your wardrobe that way.
LB: Who is your fashion inspiration?

KJ: In some ways I like Taylor Swift, but in some ways she wears more antiqued and longer things than I would. I love her Bohemian style and looks. I like Lauren Conrad’s look too!

LB: What trends are you loving right now?

KJ: I’m really liking Burks, and I love booties. That’s my new thing.
LB: Hobbies?

KJ: I enjoy singing, I used to be in choir at GU, I’m not anymore. But I still enjoy singing just for fun. I also enjoy just being involved in general on campus, in any way. I like spending time with friends.
LB: What’s your dream job?

KJ: Working at a university in student affairs!  I’ve always been very involved at my schools and I think it would be really rewarding and fulfilling to help direct students and help them find their niche on campus. My other option would be at a company in their communications department, but maybe something non-profit. Something I felt was a beneficial cause, maybe connecting a corporate business with an organization in the community. I want to do something meaningful.
LB: If you could design your own mall, what stores would you be sure to include?

KJ: Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, American Eagle, Lululemon, and Lucky Brand!

LB: Wardrobe wise, what is your favorite season to dress for?

KJ: Fall, because I’m really big into sweaters! Even growing up in California I was known as the girl in my class who had the most sweaters. I just love sweaters cause they’re cozy and really cute.


A huge thank you shout-out to Katie, it was great getting to know more about you and your style! If you know of someone with a look or style that needs to Fashion Spotlighted, let us know! Message the GU Bulldog Blog on Facebook or email recommendations to, we would love to hear from you!


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