5 Life Tips from The Office

The Office may be a TV show, but it’s also so much more than that. The Office, in reality, is a way of living — of being. I can say that there is probably a quote from The Office that could be applied to every minute, every hour and everyday of my life. And, each and every one of those quotes can be taken as a philosophy — a guide. And, the best part about them? They make life more fun.

  1. Social norms are completely, 100 percent not necessary


Social norms are the things society says people should or shouldn’t do. Society says to not do weird stuff out in public, to have manners when eating and other stuff like that. But, how important is that really? Well, as it turns out, not very. You want to have ice cream for breakfast? Go for it! Cereal for dinner? But of course. Don’t let society dictate how you live your life. If you do, you’ll just miss out on all that ice cream.

2. Every moment is a moment for comedy


This is actually probably the most important one. Everything isn’t funny. But everything can be funny. And keeping that in mind it every situation is what will get you through anything. Whether you’re at a wedding or sitting half-awake in class, throwing in a little “that’s what she said” can change everything.

3. Believe in the unknown (sometimes)


The unknown can be scary. You know, the universe may have already planned out your life and there isn’t a single thing you can do about it. In any case, just let things happen. And take some advice from Michael Scott: just be a little-stious.

4. Sass.


This is probably equivalent to the golden rule. Always do this. Always. Sass is defined as two things in the dictionary: 1) fresh vegetables and 2) impudent back talk. And I think it’s pretty obvious which one I’m talking about (probably). With sass, you’re guaranteed to make friends — the right friends. The ones that appreciate your sass.

5. Family (aww)


All jokes aside, family is glue. Family is what gets everything and everyone through a day. Your goal in life should be to find a family just like the Dunder Mifflin family. Everyone needs a Kevin, a Pam and a Michael Scott. Each person is just a fraction, but when you come together you create one family. One family that just doesn’t know how to jump.


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