Stairway Conversations: Crosby

Welcome to the second segment of Stairway Conversations! Let’s jump right in:


Date: October 5, 2015

Building: Coughlin

Staircase: Main entrance



Person one: “Did you hear about that petition for Crosby?

Person two: “Yeah, I signed already. Have you?

Person one: “What? No, why would I?”


This has definitely been a topic of conversation on campus this past week. There has been – and still is – a lot of change going on around campus. And, for most, the biggest change of all is Crosby. Currently, Crosby is going through some sort of transition which most people, including myself, aren’t too sure what exactly is. Over the summer (when Hemmingson was completed), our student center was moved to a new building – and that’s really exciting. What most people aren’t too excited about is that their beloved old student center is turning into something else. Right now, Crosby is home to an expanded Career and Professional Development office.

The issue, though, is the number of rumors being spread throughout campus. Most recently, I’ve heard some people complain that next year Crosby will no longer have any lounge areas and the mailroom will be moved, and instead Crosby will just have more offices.

Then, on Monday, when I was scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, I came across a petition. This petition was to, “Bring Crosby back.”

My first issue with this petition is that it’s kind of vague. What do they want to bring it back to? To a student center? To have some space for students? It’s not really clear. My second, and much less minor, issue is the lack of grammar and time that seems to have been put into it. If you really cared so much about Crosby, wouldn’t it be worth your time to proofread?


Anyways, I do actually get where they’re coming from. I, too, loved Crosby – everyone really did know your name. It was warm, cozy and truly the “living room of campus.” I’m really torn here. And, while I admit that it is currently kind of sad to be in Crosby – the white walls and all – I think it may be a good time to start moving on. (But the other part wants to think if they painted the walls yellow again, all would be good in the world.)


Part of me wants to think that Crosby should always be around. It was a great place to hang out. It was a great place to do homework. But the other part of me says it’s time to move on. Things will eventually need to change. Only time will tell. And all will still somehow be OK.


If you would like to sign the petition, or learn more about it, go here:


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