How Zags Act During Fall Family Weekend VS. Any Other Weekend

This past weekend was Gonzaga’s annual Fall Family Weekend, an October tradition that allows families to visit their students. Fall Family Weekend is always full of smiles, good conversation, and fun activities with your family (if your family actually loves you enough to come. Not that I’m bitter or anything guys. I get it). The campus becomes more vibrant, the people become friendlier, and the weather is usually in that sweet spot between a-sauna-in-Hades-hot and Jack-Nicholson-in-the-end-of-The-Shining-cold.

Fall Family Weekend is definitely a change from any other given weekend at Gonzaga, which means that Zags have a tendency to act a little differently. How so, you ask? Well, you read the title of this post before clicking on it, so it’s pretty obvious I’m going to answer that. Don’t be stupid.

 1. Campus Attitude 

Fall Family Weekend:


As soon as you step on campus, you can already notice the vibe of the campus has shifted. Everything seems… cheerier? Tamer? Friendlier? You can’t put your finger on exactly what’s different, but you can definitely feel it. While Gonzaga’s always pretty pleasant, today feels… pleasanter. People you’ve never seen before are smiling at you. Nobody looks sad or stressed. It almost feels like you’re all extras on the set of a bad Disney movie about college, only with less overworked child stars whose lives will be destroyed in ten years. Also, where did the gnats go? This is great.

Any Other Weekend:


Campus is basically the same as Fall Family Weekend, but you can notice a few changes. As soon as you step on campus, you almost get hit by three longboards. The gnats that had disappeared for Fall Family Weekend have resurfaced, only this time they’re angrier. They’re more organized. Somebody you’ve never seen before smiles at you again, except after you smile back you realize they were smiling at the person behind you. Of course. And then you probably get hit by three more longboarders because that’s how this campus works.

2. Fine Dining

Fall Family Weekend:


You can forget about making yet another burnt grilled cheese for dinner now that your parents are here! After a month of little more than warm cereal and cold Ramen (how does that even work?), it’s nice to be eating actual food again. Your options seem endless. Clover? Flying Goat? Clinkerdagger? Let’s do all three! You’re old enough now that your parents are basically just your friends that earn a ton more money than you and don’t mind paying for your food. The sky’s the limit.

Any Other Weekend:


Welcome to a world where buying Panda Express is treating yourself. You were once super proud of yourself for repurposing your leftover rice from the night before to make fried rice. If you have to use “real” money to go to a restaurant, it’s definitely not worth it. Cold pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is college, after all.

 3. Animals On Campus

Fall Family Weekend:


Arguably one of the best parts about Fall Family Weekend is the influx of dogs on campus. Sure, your family is important and it’s great seeing them and all that, but let’s be honest: your dog is the real superstar this weekend. Even if your parents didn’t bring your dog, all the other parents brought theirs. Gee, dogs sure are great!

Any Other Weekend:


Squirrels and those freaking gnats, man. Squirrels and those freaking gnats.

4. Activities

Fall Family Weekend:


During Fall Family Weekend, there are always things to do. Want to hear some of the best vocal talents on campus? Check out a Big Bing Theory performance or wander on down to see the choir concert. Are you tired of hearing nothing but dad jokes for the last few hours? GUTS does some of the best improv you’ll see on a college campus. And of course, you’ll go to Kraziness in the Kennel to scout out just how far in the NCAA tournament we’ll go this year.

Any Other Weekend:


Just because it’s not Fall Family Weekend doesn’t mean that there aren’t a ton of things to do! You can still do a variety of fun activities, ranging all the way from FIFA to Madden to even Call of Duty! You thought GUTS was funny? Try checking your grades on Blackboard! The subsequent crying will take up your entire afternoon. Say goodbye to boredom!

 5. Sunday

Fall Family Weekend:


Well, Fall Family Weekend was fun, but it’s Sunday now. You get up at 9:30 so you can go to brunch with your parents and exchange goodbyes before they make the trek back to Seattle/San Francisco/Colorado. Oh shoot, it’s already 7 PM? You still have two essays to write and three tests to study for! Great. Looks like you’ll be up until 2 AM again. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Any Other Weekend:


You wake up at 1:30 in the afternoon and stumble over to the COG for some breakfast/lunch. When you get back to your room, you decide you deserve some Netflix. You’ll only watch one or two episodes because you’re responsible, after all. Oh shoot, it’s already 7 PM? You still have two essays to write and three tests to study for! Great. Looks like you’ll be up until 2 AM again.

Huh. I guess some things don’t change.

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