Stairway Conversations: Housing

This week in Stairway Conversations: the confusing, rumor-filled and stress inducing process of housing.


Date: October 11, 2015

Building: College Hall

Staircase: East staircase near Magnuson



Person One: “So, what’re you doing for housing next year?”

Person Two: “I have no idea . . . but I heard that Burch and Corkery are going to be sophomore halls next year.”

Person One: “Wait, are you serious?”


Housing is never fun. Well, at least the process of finding out where you’re going to live in a year isn’t. A lot can change in that time, and it can almost be called ridiculous that us students are expected to know who we are going to live with and where a year before we will actually be doing so. Unfortunately, because of this, the housing process can cause some stress.

This wasn’t the only time I heard about the confusion of housing for next year – especially for the current sophomores and the off-campus transition some will be making next year. Most recently, people have been signing leases for off-campus houses and some are waiting to hear back from Housing & Residence Life to see if their themed house application was accepted. Now, with most of the students who will be living off-campus next year have been taken care of, it’s time to deal with the rest of us.


Like most things on this campus, campus housing questions have started turning themselves into rumors. I have heard multiple times that Gonzaga is trying to have all upperclassman students live off-campus. By doing so, Housing & Residence Life will have Burch and Corkery be sophomore halls next year – supposedly. I would like to say, though, that just because upperclassman are being encouraged to live off campus, doesn’t mean there is necessarily room for them to. I cannot confirm anything because there isn’t any information about it out there right now (which is a whole other issue).


Another thing that I’ve heard around campus: Kennedy will also be accepting sophomore residence next year. I really do understand the thought process behind all of this. With such a large freshmen class this year the university has had to put some students in the River Inn. And, I guess moving them on campus next year would be the most logical next step. And, who knows, maybe this is just a temporary solution until they finish building the mysterious residence hall on the other side of Hamilton and the 940 North apartments that are being built near Dussault for next year.

All of this aside, we as students need to take a step back. Whether Housing & Residence Life and the university have a plan, we need to be patient with them and not propagate such a large number of rumors. All that does is create an unnecessary level of stress for people. Instead, try taking things with a grain of salt.


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