Stairway Conversations: Hemmingson

This week in Stairway Conversations we’re going to deal with a very hard task: the nickname for the Hemmingson Center.


For this week, though, I’m going to include two things that I overheard.


Date: October 16, 2015

Building: College Hall

Staircase: Lower Magnuson stairs



“Hey, are you heading to the Hemmy?”



Date: October 14, 2015

Building: Hemmingson

Staircase: Rotunda stairs


Overheard (on the phone):

“I’m in the Hem.”


Wow. I really don’t even know where to start. For some reason, I feel as though both of these nicknames are somewhat cringe worthy. The sound of “Hemmy” just makes me want to go take a shower. Seriously. (But not really.)


I will say, though, that we should probably come up with a nickname for the building. I mean, it is kind of a mouthful to say, “The Hemmingson Center” (which is already shortened). I’ve also heard some people throwing around “COG” for the whole building (as opposed to just the cafeteria), which I think makes the most sense of them all. And, I would like to clarify, just as the university has tried to do, “COG” stands for “Circulus Omnium Gonzaga-orum,” which roughly translates to “a meeting place for all Gonzagans.” “COG” does not, in fact, stand for “center of Gonzaga.”


Now, for “the Hem.” I mean, I guess this is OK. It almost seems too short, but I guess that’s just personal. And would it really be too much work to just say, “I’m going to Hemmingson?” I don’t think so. But, I’ll keep it in the mix.

Now, let’s introduce the most intriguing of nicknames. I’ve heard multiple rumors of certain administrators at Gonzaga refer to the Hemmingson Center as . . . THC. Yes. THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol. You know, the active ingredient in marijuana. Now, granted, this is a rumor. But, there is also no doubt in my mind that someone on this campus has tried using this before. I am also pretty confident, luckily, that this will never catch on.


Last, I’ve also read that some people refer to it as the “JJHC.” That seems kind of ridiculous. This seems like someone is trying too hard to make sense of letters in a random assortment of alphabet soup. Albeit, Gonzaga is no stranger to acronyms. (CCASL, COG, CCP, SIL, CLP, just to name a few.)

This can be a hard process. No one wants to be the one who has to take on the responsibility of nicknaming a new building. But, I am willing to contribute to the cause. I think that us students can pay some respect to the person who gave over $20 million to help construct the building by taking the time to pronounce his name: “Hemmingson.” It’s only three syllables. I think we can do it.


And, if you’re really just not feeling it, then I guess “COG” is OK. But please, whatever you do, just don’t say “Hemmy.”


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