Questions You Actually Want To Ask at Career Fairs

In light of the career fair being in just four days and graduation being in less than 200 hundred days, I just found it necessary to get out the questions some of us would really like to ask, but won’t actually be asking.

If I get this job that I need, what’s it gonna pay?

giphy (1)

Also, how much free food will I get?

giphy (2)

Since I haven’t exactly gotten my MRS degree, is it okay to date my coworkers?

giphy (3)

And, Christmas bonuses are implied right?

giphy (4)

Speaking of Christmas, will there be an open bar at the Christmas party?

giphy (5)

How long until I’m promoted?

giphy (6)

What can I say that will make you want to give me a job?…or at least an interview?


In all seriousness though, I hope everyone who goes to the career fair has a good time. We’re all awesome, and we’ll figure it out 🙂


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