Fashion Spotlight on: Fall Jackets

For the second installation of the GU Bulldog Blog’s Fall Fashion series, we’re taking a look at this seasons hottest (or maybe I should say warmest?) jackets. With the temperature having dropped a solid ten degrees in the last week, it seemed appropriate that we discuss a piece of fall fashion that is both stylish and necessary. Whether you like your jackets to be statement pieces that tie your outfit together, or simple and versatile for optimal use, there are some jacket trends that you should be aware of.



Military jackets, or army jackets depending on who you ask, are practical and adorable. Often made in sleek, thicker materials they are fashionable options for windy, drizzly weather. The military jacket trends has been around for a while, and it is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Most commonly found in olive green, this look is a great staple piece to have for your fall/winter wardrobe. I don’t know quite what it is, but military jacket green seems to work with almost any color palate or color scheme, so if you are looking for an investment piece for this season definitely consider one of these awesome jackets. J.Crew has a variety of military style jackets on sale right now (and with their in-store student discount some of them are relatively affordable!), but also look at H&M, Target, and thrift stores for unique and budget friendly options. FullSizeRenderJust this past week at the Bulldog Blog weekly meeting, five of our staff members (myself included) showed up wearing our military jackets. So just in case you weren’t sure whether the military jacket trend was in/ here to stay, I think five women randomly showing up to a meeting wearing matching jackets should prove that it is.



I am so excited about seeing so many leather jackets on campus recently. Channeling an edgier, more rocker chic type of look, leather jackets are another stylish and very practical option for fall. Since leather jackets are thicker and often lined or insulated, they are perfect for chilly fall days. Paired with a chunky turtleneck and some great leather boots, leather jackets serve as a very polished and sophisticated addition for any outfit. The one downside to leather jackets: they aren’t good in the rain… which given Spokane’s unpredictable weather, might be a bit of a deterrent. But regardless of their rain intolerance, leather jackets are still a valid and fashionable fall option. Nasty Gal has a few great, affordable leather jackets on their site right now so if you’re looking to purchase one that is definitely where I would start.

Side Note:  Most leather jackets on the market, unless from a small custom leather shop or somewhere like that, are made with faux/ vegan leather so you don’t need to feel guilty about harming animals or the environment in the pursuit of fashion.



Jean Jackets are great fall pieces that most people probably already have in their closets! While they are not intrinsically the warmest jackets out there, they are perfect layering pieces. Working with everything from sweaters to flannels to t-shirts and hoodies, jean jackets (if they’re loose enough) often serve as a great finishing touch to any outfit. A much more casual look than the military or leather jackets, they’re a great option for those days when you’re rushing out to class but still want to look like you put some time and consideration into your outfit. If you don’t already have a jean jacket, check out thrift shops and Target before you head to a bigger, more expensive department store. I’d recommend getting something in a slightly distressed, lighter wash– and buy it a size larger than you actually need so that you have plenty of room for layers underneath.

Obviously, there are going to be tons of Patagonia fleece’s and North Face’s around campus as weather gets cold, and those are both valid options. But, sometimes it’s good to mix it up and play around with all of the fun outerwear for fall. All of these pieces pair perfectly with leggings, boots, comfy sweaters and scarves, so the options are endless. Happy shopping Zags!


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