Fashion Spotlight on: Fall Accessories and Details

The third installation in the GU Bulldog Blog’s Fall Fashion Spotlight series is all about the accessories and final touches that make an outfit go from good to great. When it comes to creating a signature style and a posh-polished look, attention to detail is crucial. The subtle pieces that add to a look are what set you and your outfit apart from the crowd– and luckily for us, fall fashion provides ample opportunities for embellishment and accessorizing. Whether you’re looking for a $40 scarf or a $7 nail color, there are so many ways to individualize and spice up your favorite fall looks.



Scarves are a fall necessity for a few reasons: 1) They’re adorable and 2) It’s cold so they’re very necessary. Adding a unique scarf to an outfit adds dimension, texture, and visual interest. Rocking an all black look? Throw on a caramel or grey colored scarf to add some contrast. Looking for a way to tie in a subtle color in your sweater? Find a scarf that picks up the color you’re trying to emphasize. Spilled pumpkin spice latte on yourself and don’t have time to change before class? Yep, scarves fix cover that up too. My advice, invest in a few scarves that you can utilize in different ways. Get a good a few good neutral scarves (black, grey, cream) and one or two statement scares (plaid, floral pattern, striped). Good scarves will serve you well all fall and winter so pick a few that you love and figure out how you want to incorporate them into your outfits!



Depending on the weather, hats can be a wonderful fall outfit addition. If it’s really windy– you might want to steer away from a hat because you’ll probably spend more of the day trying to keep your hat from blowing away than actually doing whatever you’re supposed to be doing. But if the weather is good.. they can be perfect options! Structured, wide brimmed hats are very in right now. Most popular in black and brown, this style of hat adds a chic and sophisticated flair to any outfit. I envision this look being styled with black leather booties, ripped black skinny jeans, a plain V-Neck,and a flowy open knight cardigan.


Added Bonus: Wearing a hat means you can get away without doing your hair and still looking very pulled together! Or for the over achievers, only style the bottom half of your hair and rock that look under your hat.



One of the easiest ways to make it look like you put a lot more time and effort into your outfit than you actually did is layering. Layering adds dimension and texture to your outfits and, if done right, can look very effortlessly chic and stylish. Instead of throwing on one big sweater, try and piece together a look that includes a great T-Shirt, an open and loose flannel, topped off with a cardigan. Or instead of always going for the jeans or leggings, try and find ways to incorporate your favorite favorite skirt and a good pair of tights and chunky socks into your look. The key to layering is being willing to play around with your clothes until you find what’s right. In my experience, people are very love-hate with the layering look and feel, so do whatever works best for you and always remember that the best way to look good is to feel good.



Fall is great because there are so many awesome colors specific to the season. In general, this is a time of year when wearing darker makeup and nail polish is very in and very chic. Burgundy, Charcoal, Brown, Grey, Black–all of these are versatile, modern nail color options for fall. Additionally rocking a dark, more dramatic lipstick can really kick up the intensity of a look. These aspects of fall fashion are fun because they are relatively inexpensive (i.e. cheaper than buying boots or a jacket) so you can pick out a few options that you like and use them as you please, depending on the day and the outfit!


As the weather gets colder it can become very easy to neglect style and opt only for big fleece zip-ups and all weather boots. Those options are fine, but when there are so many cozy, cute, affordable ways to bundle up for fall why not go for it? Before we know it we’ll be buried in snow, so might as well take advantage of this time of year and the outfits that it permits. Happy accessorizing Zags!


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