How Zags Act In September VS. In November

November is that special time of year where the temperature goes down and the amount of commercials where Santa inexplicably drives a Ford goes up. It’s that magical month where you don’t get judged for devouring an entire turkey and sending a fellow shopper to the hospital so that you can get 20% off a blender is considered more American than Santa driving a Ford. It goes without question that November is quite different than September, and since this is the fifth blog in the Zags Act series you already know I’m going to talk about all the ways that Zags act in September as opposed to in November. Let’s take a gander.

 1. Enthusiasm



Summer was great, but you’re secretly glad it’s over. You missed all of your college friends and that special Gonzaga community that the tour guides didn’t shut up about. The sun is out, people are all over campus, and you’re just happy to be back. You do everything with a smile on your face. Everybody else in a great mood, and you’ll be darned if you’re the exception! Golly, life sure is great!



Golly, life sure isn’t great. Your energy’s down, and so are your grades. You’re not actually sure if you slept last night, which probably isn’t a good sign. You would sell every non-vital organ in your body to get just ten more minutes of sleep. As you look around campus at the messy-haired, sleep-deprived students stumbling to class, you suddenly find it funny that our basketball hype song is called “Zombie Nation.”

2. Academics



The professor said that you have to work really hard if you want to do well in her class? Challenge accepted. You’re going to study through the weekends, you’ll read every word of the textbook (twice), and you’ll do every supplemental exercise they put online. If you space everything out just right, you’ll never have to cram for a test or write a paper the night before it’s due. Knowledge is power!



You find it difficult to read your midterm grades through your tears. As you struggle through your eighth test in two weeks, you begin to wonder why you spent $90 on the textbook that you use to prop up your table. Cramming for tests is something you’ve become so good at that you’re considering putting it on your résumé for the job you feel you have no useful skills for. Of course, you don’t write a major paper the night before it’s due. You write it the morning it’s due. Maybe it’s not too late to drop out? There’s nothing wrong with working at Jamba Juice for the rest of your life, right? Guys?

3. Health



You’re going to have a rockin’ bod to go along with your 4.0 this semester. You’re not entirely sure why everyone who goes to the gym has those gigantic vats of protein, but you’ll definitely buy two because you’re going to be ripped this year. You’re going to eat healthy, go for a jog at least once a day, and the gym will be your second home. You’re going to be that annoying kid from high school who only posts motivational memes on Facebook, and you’ll be proud of it.



For over a month, you’ve been just sick enough so that you feel like garbage, but you’ll never be sick enough where you won’t feel guilty skipping class. How does that even work? You went to the gym once, but you just got a smoothie and left. You sometimes lose your breath eating too fast. Why eat salads and exercise when you can eat an entire pizza by yourself and watch New Girl?

4. Fashion



You’re going to color coordinate all your outfits and look great this semester. You actually think about what you’re going to wear the next day – and you’re going to rock it. After all, first impressions are everything. You have to look good or else you won’t have any friends and nobody will ever love you and you won’t get a job and you’ll die alone full of regret.



As you leave the door, you double check to make sure you’re wearing pants. You are? It’ll be a good day today. You trade out fashion for comfort, and you wonder why you ever bothered buying clothes for over $10. Since sweats and sweatshirt both have the word “sweat” in them, does it count as coordinated? You’re warm and comfortable and you realize that nobody actually cares how you’re dressed because it’s November. That’s pretty swell.

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