Awesome GU Clubs to Join!

There are so many awesome clubs on campus, but not all of them are well known on campus! Here are a few of those amazing clubs who are looking to welcome new members with open arms!


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Did you know every fall semester, the weekend before finals, there is an event called Spa Night where students can enjoy a free massage as well as get some free food and supplies to do crafts? There’s also one week every Spring semester that is dedicated to healthy living where there are interactive events as well as guest speakers on campus. These awesome event is put on by the student wellness club on campus called G-Plus. It’s run through the Center for Cura Personalis and focuses on all aspects of student wellness. Every Thursday this club meets to talk about these aspects in the Cura  Personalis House (1111 Cincinnati). Mental health, alcohol and drug safety, stress and inner beauty are just some of the aspects G-Plus focuses on.

Republicans club

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Are you passionate about politics? Or do you want to learn more about politics? The College Republicans (GUCR) is the club for you! This club aims to teach members a deeper understanding of the principles of the Republican Party. Every week they have two meetings where they choose among viewing a debate, going to events at the local, state and national levels, or working on campaigns. This past weekend GUCR is even took four of their members on an all expenses paid trip to Washington DC for a conference! If you’re interested, there is a meeting next Thursday at 8pm in Jepson 017!

Smash Bros

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Like playing video games? The Super Smash Bros club is for you! Every  Saturday they meet at 1-3pm in Jepson 108! It’s just a social thing where people get together and play smash together, it’s super laid back and casual. The officers meet every week to discuss upcoming events, and we have tournaments roughly every month, sometimes two tournaments! We’re holding one this Saturday at 1pm in the Knights of Columbus building, if you want to stop by and take a live look in at what we do, we’d love to have ya!

Mock Trial

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Thinking about being a lawyer or going to law school? Mock Trial is an amazing way to get your feet in the water! It’s a bit of a time commitment, but is unbelievably worth it! Every year the mock trial team is given a case and the members of the teams have to act as lawyers and witness. Team members prepare a case for both sides (plaintiff/prosecutor or defendant) then go against other mock trial teams in as if they were going to court. The Gonzaga Mock Trial team attends conferences at the local, state and national level. Every year they have sent at least one team to Nationals! If you’re interested in joining, it’s not too late! Just send Molly Miram an email at


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Do you like to dance? There’s a club on campus that is dedicated to bringing out the dancer in all of us! Boundless dance is a student-run dance club at GU where students of all dance level can take free dance classes (in the theatre and dance studio taught) by other students. On Mondays from 6-6:55pm Kaitlyn Anson teaches a Jazz class and Bomb Squad has a Hip Hop class from 7-7:55pm. On Tuesday from 8-9am Suzanne Ostersmith teaches a Budoga Flow Yoga class then that night Melanie Lowry & Miranda Heckman have an Abs and A$$ class from 9-9:55pm. On Wednesday Vanessa Fisher has a tap class from 5-5:55 pm, Kaitlyn Anson teaches a contemporary class from 6-6:55pm, and Katie Burns has a ballet class from 7-7:55pm.


The clubs that were written about in this blog post were chosen because they reached out to me. If you’d like your club to get a shout out, I’d be glad to! Just send me an email at


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