Fashion Spotlight on: Kennedy McGahan

Kennedy McGahan, a junior from Bellevue, WA has a chic, stylish wardrobe that incorporates timeless pieces with unexpected trends and details. A Broadcast and French double major with a Journalism minor, McGahan enjoys running, doing yoga, and reading in her spare time. Having studied abroad in Paris, France, she says that she aims to blend the effortlessly chic European styles with classic, more traditional items.

LB: How would you describe your personal style?
KM: I would say it’s classic. I try and buy things that won’t go out of style so that they’re worth the purchase. I wear a lot of black which I think is a classic color. I also try to have an edge to my classic looks sometimes.

LB: Is your style influenced at all by where you’re from?
KM: Well it’s definitely influenced by my having traveled to Paris. I studied abroad in Paris last semester and I picked up little trends and things I saw girls wearing over there. It’s very minimalist which is what I like, so lots of basics and tons of layers. And they wear a lot of black which works well for me!

LB: What is your fashion philosophy in a statement?
KM: Dress well test well. I believe in that. When you feel good about what you’re wearing it applies to the classroom and your everyday life. Just feeling confident enough to take a test and be in your element and be the best person you can be is key.

LB: Has there ever been a point in your life when your style evolved?
KM: There certainly was—My mom has always been part of my shopping life. But I wore uniforms in elementary school, so when I hit 7th or 8th grade, I stopped wearing uniforms and then I started to care more about fashion. Ive always been interested in fashion and I would go shopping with my Mom but I never had time to wear real clothes because of the school uniforms. So when 8th grade and high school came, I had the chance to shop for things I liked and define my style. My mom helped me invest in pieces that will last for a long time and stay in style.

LB: Having studied abroad, what were your favorite European fashion trends?
KM: European women are so effortlessly chic and I noticed that when I was there. The trends they would do— like take the white Adidas— I definitely invested in those when I was in Paris. I kind of wanted to do something that was a trend for once and I was happy that I did cause I usually stick to basics and it was fun to mix it up. I like trends because they make you feel like you’re part of something, but the bad thing about trends is that they chance so quickly. Any trend is a risk that you have to be willing to take. I liked the Adidas look because its just such a good way to dress down your clothing and be trendy.

LB: Walk me through the outfit you’re wearing right now:
KM: Black booties: I bought them at Eileen Fisher, which every one thinks is a mom-store but their pieces are basic and classic so they work for pairing and layering. I really like booties and these are comfy and black so they were perfect for me— my mom actually has the same pair!Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.03.57 AM.png

Leather leggings: I love these leather leggings cause they’re vegan. They’re from Aritzia. They’re also machine washable so thats good! I really like them because it gives the look a little bit of edge.

Scarf: I got it from Gap. It’s cozy and I just really liked the plaid.
Long layering shirt: I put it under a lot of my pieces. It’s Eileen Fisher too. It just works well under things and it helps tie the look together.FullSizeRender-8.jpg

Tank Top: Just a plain tank top.

Wool long vest: It’s warm and works under and over a lot of pieces so it’s a good layer for fall and winter.FullSizeRender-6.jpg
Sweater: I like this over the long black shirt!

Rings: I wear them all the time, they’re from MadewellFullSizeRender-4.jpg

LB: What article of clothing is essential to your wardrobe?
KM: I would say booties for sure. I love shoes in general and I have so many booties and I just love them so much. I feel like with every outfit I wear I try and give myself a little bit of extra height so they are pretty essential to my wardrobe.

LB: What piece would you say is essential to any woman’s wardrobe?
KM: A little black dress. No matter what style it is every woman can benefit from that because you can dress it up or down.

LB: How would you define women’s fashion on Gonzaga’s campus?
KM: I see a lot of chunky sweaters and scarves. Its funny cause so many people study abroad and when they come back they put their own spin on things based on where they studied, so if you look for it you can see some of those influences in people’s outfits. I guess campus is in general preppy grunge— lots of flannels, sweaters, boots but still the general preppy look and feel.

LB: How do you feel about fashion rules?
KM: I don’t really think there should be rules for fashion. It’s about what you feel comfortable wearing and if you like it then you should go for it. I always text my mom when I’m shopping and ask for her opinion cause sometimes you can be persuaded to buy something by a really good salesperson so thats just me, but thats not a rule its just a preference. If you love what you’re wearing you shouldn’t care what other people think.

LB: Who is your fashion inspiration?
KM: Oh for sure Audrey Hepburn. When I think of her I think of classic. Her look was very effortless, and always put together. I guess put together is the best way to describe her. I just love her style.

LB: Favorite stores?
KM: Madewell, Aritzia, Eileen Fisher

LB: How do you transition your outfits from fall to winter?
KM: Layering is big, as well as having good coats and jackets. I have this one jacket that I love from Lululemon that my Mom bought me. It’s this long, hard to describe look. The sleeves almost look like leather, and its checkered grey and black. It has a huge hood and its waterproof— that’s the best thing about it. I’ve never seen anything like it which is part of why I love it. So pieces like that that can go over other less warm pieces are good. And scarves and layering in general help make the transition. Sweaters are versatile and they transition well too. I find that a lot of my pieces can be used throughout the year depending on what pieces I pair them with.

A big thank you to Kennedy for taking the time to share her fashion wisdom with us! Happy Thanksgiving Zags!


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